Thursday, 4 August 2011


If last weeks orgasm pun wasn't enough, Brett Lawrie just got called up after that clusterfuck of a bullpen performance.  Unfortunately, Travis Snider has been sent gambling packing back to AAA Las Vegas.  This move shifts Bautista back to RF, leaving a bit of a logjam in the outfield, which (sort of?) justifies sending Snider down.

Snider has looked fucking lost lately though.  Again.  I can only assume that Snider's recent suck has some people concerned in the front office, but seriously, I don't really know what the deal is.  They've dicked him around quite about these last couple years, but I'd rather see him stay up and get everyday at-bats to figure it out.  Maybe they know something I don't, and he'll be more comfortable with the AAA hitting coaches?

The Snider demotion is going to have Eric Thames moving to LF instead of back down to the minors, which, I suppose, in some way, could mean that they still have more faith in Snider and want him to figure things out while he can still go to the minors.  Thames has sucked just as bad as Snider over the last couple weeks, so... uhh...  I dunno.  I'm sure AA or Farrell will explain this whole series of shit soon.  Maybe they're trying to showcase Thames for the next month so they can trade him for something useful in the offseason.  Because seriously, Snider literally hasn't gotten a full season of MLB AB's yet.  No, really.  IN HIS THIRD SEASON.  Here is something for everyone who reads this to keep in mind though, and it will be in boldface caps underlined italicized font:


The Jays have also recalled Luis Perez, and have sent Carlos Villanueva to the 15-day DL, as I predicted, with phantom arm fatigue a forearm strain.  Perez will go to the bullpen (thank fuck), since there is an offday on Monday, which will allow the Jays to keep their current rotation on the same schedule, rather than putting someone else in the rotation.  Maybe they will get Brandon Morrow those 180IP after all!  But seriously, no they won't.

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