Monday, 1 August 2011

Jays stomp the Rangers on Alomar Day

Hey, good news!  Robbie Alomar got his number retired in front of a really hot crowd, and said "Blue Yays" like 20 times.  Here's a link to the video of the ceremony.

Brandon Morrow went out and looked absolutely awful for one batter, and then pitched really well after that. Not sure if this season is going to be long enough for him to get it done, but over the last month or so, Morrow is kind of catching up to his fip and xfip numbers, which are significantly better than his ERA.  That ERA is high (4.58) thanks to an unsustainably low 65% strand rate, and a .323 babip.  Morrow has amassed 3.1 WAR to this point.  I wonder if the Jays could extend him for cheap with that high ERA.

Anyway, Morrow struck out 11 Rangers over 7 innings, allowing just 2 runs.  Edwin Encarnacion hit a monster homerun in the first, and Colby Rasmus went 2-for-4, knocking in 2.  JP Arencibia continues to swing a decently hot bat over the last week or so, and has raised his OPS by 60 points in the last 2 weeks.

Oh yeah, there was a trade deadline yesterday.  I forgot, because the only good thing that happened actually happened like a week ago.   Rather than do it myself and clutter up the blog, I'll just link to Yahoo's Jeff Passan's abnormally structured review of the deadline.  Here's what he says about the Jays' deadline:
[Passan is talking about Colby Rasmus, whom the...] Toronto Blue Jays happily welcomed into their lineup. The Blue Jays inquired on just about every player available, GM Alex Anthopoulos a virtual octopus with his hands in so many places. Toronto still could chase Houston starter Wandy Rodriguez after the deadline, as the $39 million left on his contract may prevent him from getting claimed on waivers. Or Anthopoulos could sit still with a strong core, an excellent farm system and an indisputable winners tag at the deadline.

So there's that, I suppose.

Jon Heyman claims that the Jays' interest in Wandy Rodriguez was purely as a third-team that help trade him to the Yankees.  Which to me, means that they think Wandy is terrible and would rather face him than Bartolo Colon or Freddy Garcia or whomever you've got.

And it's an offday.  ZZZZZZZ.  Mike Mccoy is mad.

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