Saturday, 6 August 2011

The second coming of the second coming

Brett Lawrie, ladies and gents.  Who cares if he made an error?  He's here to hit, fools.  And since nobody really went over the top and played a significantly better game then everyone else, I'm giving Lawrie the Zaunhead, sue me.

It was a fun game, I guess.  I mean, what can you expect from a game that features Jon Rauch?  That game is going to get close, no matter what the score is.  Well.  You know what I mean... if he comes in when it's a close deficit that the Jays are facing then it's not going to get closer by virtue of Rauch giving up runs and stuff, but hey.  Fun fact: Fangraphs has Rauch at a breathtaking -0.5WAR on the season.  And the dude is going to net us a draft pick!  What a world we live in. Fun fact #2: he's outperformed his FIP so far this year.  Hahahaha.  He's actually been lucky to only be this terrible.  Shut down reliever!

Back to the main topic of fun here...  Rotographs has a little snippet about Lawrie as a fantasy player.  Naturally, John Lott of the National post has an excellent-as-usual piece on Lawrie's debut.

Jesse Litsch wants you to follow Brett Lawrie's sister on twitter.  She's pretty hot, so maybe it's worthwhile? (@Jesselitsch, @brettlawrie13, @daniellelawrie5 if you've missed all that somehow).

Colby Rasmus got a cut or a bruise or something on his finger last night after sliding in to second base and getting stepped on, and will be day-to-day.  Rajai Davis replaced him in the 8th inning last night.

Sports Illustrated reports that the MLB has issued a warning to players who have been using something called deer antler spray (?), as it contains a banned substance.
MLB players have been issued a warning over the use of deer-antler spray, a substance administered under the tongue that includes a banned chemical known for its muscle-building and fat-cutting effects, has reported. Players had felt free to use the spray at nearly no risk until the warning was sent last week by the league, the report said.

And finally, there was a little scrap in the Giants-Phillies game last night.  Giants' catcher Eli Whiteside is apparently strong enough to hold back the entire Phillies lineup by fellating Placido Polanco though.  Click on them to activate.

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