Friday, 26 August 2011

Jays claim DeWayne Wise, other things that don't matter much

Slow news day.  The above picture reflects the excellent catch DeWayne Wise made two years ago in the 9th inning, preserving Mark Buerhle's perfect game.  The Jays claimed DeWayne Wise today, after he was released by the Marlins earlier this week.  If you'd have a look at the comment section in that thread, you'll see me predict that the Jays would claim him.  Now, obviously I didn't know Colby Rasmus would get hurt, and therefore I didn't know that there might actually be a use for him; my comment was simply a statement about Wise and Toronto('s farm system) being like a highschool couple who had never had sex with anybody before, and no matter how bad a match they actually are, they just can't possibly remain broken up forever, until they get married at 37 because they're both fat and old and can't find anybody else, stay married for a year or so, and then he gets sent to jail for beating the shit out of her for the 8th time.  In this case, Wise is the wife.

But seriously, if Rasmus is hurt enough that he needs DL time (note: there's no DL in September, as rosters expand from 25 to 40, but you get the point), maybe the Jays need Wise to split CF time with Mike Mccoy.  As far as I know, Darin Mastroianni can't come back up for 10 days unless someone goes on the DL, so the Jays would have to retroactively DL Rasmus to Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever it was that he last played in order to get Mastro back up.  That might change with September rosters, but I'm not sure.

Having said all that, rosters don't expand until this coming Thursday, and Wise is scheduled to report to Toronto tomorrow, which means there's going to have to be another roster move if Rasmus isn't DL'ed.  Brian Jeroloman is sitting on the bench, and has been for the last couple days since the KJ trade, and Jose Molina is starting tonight, so maybe that can be nipped in the bud?  If not that, Mccoy?  Otherwise, it's a stop-gap reliever like Rommie Lewis or Wil Ledezma getting the boot.

John Farrell is confirmed to miss tonight's game, according to Shi Davidi.  Don Wakamatsu is in charge tonight.  Alex Anthopoulos is scheduled to chat about this one at some point tonight.  The Score's ticker thing on the bottom of the screen still says that it's pneumonia, but I still haven't read anything elsewhere that confirms or denies that.

Update- Tony Ambrogio of The Score reports that Rasmus will in fact be DL'ed tomorrow, via twitter.

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