Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ricky Romero: Slumpbuster

For those of you who don't know the actual meaning of the word "slumpbuster," the above image should probably at least narrow it down.  You see, the photoshopped Ricky Romero makes this clever, since all he does is goes out and pitches well and wins ballgames, when other pitchers proceed to lose them.  Though I suppose Wade Davis could get his face on there as well.

But what if it was Brian Tallet that did all this?  The Jays have yet to lose since Brian Tallet has been activated and placed on the active roster.  Has your mind been blown?  I know mine has (note: n't).  But seriously, I'm still holding out hope that Tallet doesn't throw a single pitch for the Jays this year.  There are two days left until roster (potentially) expand, and I'm really hoping that a bullpen arm or two can come up.  It's not like this is anything that actually matters; I'm just a bitter little boy who has a lot of rude things to say about people I don't know from behind a computer screen.

Speaking of guys I'd like to never see again in my life, DeWayne Wise played CF again last night, doing absolutely nothing of value.  Don't get me wrong, Mike Mccoy isn't all that good either, but I'm not sure this one is even close.  I guess it doesn't really matter too much though... it's not like both Colby Rasmus and Rajai Davis are going to be simultaneously injured for the rest of eternity.

JP Arencibia gets his first Zaunhead in fucking forever.  He had 3 hits, including a really funny triple that Matt Joyce misplayed in right field.  I think he raised his batting average to the Aaron Hill zone.

Before anyone thinks I'm serious about that statement, let's not forget that JP is a rookie who has 20 homeruns this year, and has the highest ISO among catchers in baseball, let alone rookies, and has a .253 babip, as opposed to Aaron Hill who peaked in his 2nd full season.  JP is also a catcher, so any offense that he contributes is complete gravy.

Alex Anthopoulos Alert!  The Jays have just announced that they have signed seven international free agents, though a couple of these probably happened a little while ago and are only being announced now, such as Roberto Osuna, the nephew of former Major League fireballing reliever Antonio Osuna.  I'm pretty sure I linked to a spanish newspaper article like a month ago, breaking this one, so I dunno, maybe there's some contractual reason that this couldn't be announced/made official until now.

This series of signings shows that the Jays are, in fact, willing to spend money, and is a testament to AA's dedication to scouting and international free agency.  The Jays signed Dawel Lugo for $1.3MM earlier this year, but people smarter than myself speculate that both Osuna and Wuilmer Becerra both signed for more than that.  Tyler Beede could not be reached for comment.

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