Friday, 5 August 2011

Lawrie Days

(Pretend that there is an embedded youtube link of Bruce Spingsteen's Glory Days here)

I kind of hate myself for semi-quoting that song, because I fucking hate Bruce Springsteen.  I think he's an overrated un-entertaining piece of nonsense.  Having said that, there is a distinct possibility that I'm way, way too excited for this to have any semblance of cleverness within my brain.

Naturally, because he's a rookie, Lawrie is automatically the worst hitter on this team, and will be batting ninth as result.  This makes total sense, because Aaron Hill hit 36 HR's two years ago.  Let's not forget about JP Arencibia being the hottest hitter on this team right now, but doing it all as the #9 hitter in the lineup, so he has to be kept at the bottom too. (Sidenote- If JP goes on a slump now that he's hitting 8th instead of 9th, I might have a fucking meltdown by result of all the dinosaurs logic that JPA can't be a middle of the lineup bat or whatever the fuck)  Colby Rasmus has been moved down to 6th in the order, with Eric Thames back up to the 2-hole, where he gets to see fastballs because Jose Bautista is behind him.*

Over at MLBTR, there was a nice little thread with some Jays notes.  My intention, upon seeing this, was to troll any and every commenter who suggested that Snider is done for, or a AAAA player, or a career platoon guy since he's been struggling in HIS 3RD MLB SEASON OMG!, though I actually spent more time arguing with people who think that Thames will end up better than Snider.  Obviously, there is a chance that this happens, and hey, you can count me in on the group of people who think that Snider might not be the superstar genius stud prince that he was crowned to be a couple years ago, but jeeze, Thames has been on exactly 0 prospect lists, can play no defense, he doesn't ever walk, and the numbers he's put up in AAA were in LV in a hitter's ballpark in a hitter's league, or in fewer than 200 MLB PA's fueled by a babip of like .362 or something.

All these notes from the above link stem from an interview from AA on the Jeff Blair radio segment on the Fan590, which can be found here**.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, it's Lawrie time.

*Dinosaur logic
** Disclaimer- Jeff Blair is a bumbling idiot, and this is absolutely NOT a must-listen.  Cliffs are within the above link in the MLBTR thread.

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