Sunday, 28 August 2011

Good one Jesse

Hey guys! Remember how Jesse Litsch is amazing out of the bullpen?  You know, after 12 innings or whatever? I think we can all agree that we got ahead of ourselves, annointing Litsch as the next shutdown reliever for the Blue Jays bullpen.  I'm not saying he's a batting practice guy, but I think yesterday was enough to stop waxing his junk.  I don't think there's any legitimate reason to believe that he's going to go out and be fucking incredible after being so mediocre as a starter.


No, but really.  Jesse can relieve all the shit he wants; he isn't, and probably never will be, an impact reliever, but that's not a huge deal.  He's better than Jon Rauch, so who cares?

I'll give Eric Thames a Zaunhead, I guess.

Hey, it's Morrow-day.  He stunk last time he pitched, maybe he'll do good this time?

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