Saturday, 16 June 2012


This is getting a bit silly.  Hutch threw 9 pitches last night before being pulled with an injury.  He's been diasnosed with a UCL strain (no tear!), and will be on a no-throw program for two weeks, according to Gregor Chisolm. He's been placed on the 15-day DL, and as far as I know, there hasn't been another roster move, though I'm sure that's coming.

So yeah. Romero/Alvarez/Cecil/Chavez/Laffey?  I haven't looked at the schedule lately, but I'm really hoping that we're in an easy stretch over the next month or so (which is probably the case, since they're playing against a bunch of NL teams!). Save the tough stuff until the rotation looks like a rotation, huh?

And while we're at it with the sadness, I'd just like to point out that the season is fucking over now, so Brandon Morrow doesn't need to rush back from his injury just to help out and take one for the team.  Sounds good? Good.

I think we have to go with CharlieV for the Zaunhead for last night, no?

Carlos Ruiz is out of the lineup for the Phillies today, though he said that he was taken out of the game yesterday with menstrual cramps, not an oblique injury, and could have played today, apparently.

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Gomes DH
Davis LF

Romero P

Rollins SS
Polanco 3B
Pence RF
Victorino CF
Wigginton 1B
Mayberry LF
Schneider C
Martinez 2B

Lee P

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