Friday, 22 June 2012

Set Your DVR's Children

He is the most must-see superstar in baseball.  He has power unlike anybody I've ever seen.  He swings like a motherfucker and scares everybody when he misses.  I am not talking about Jose Bautista.  No, folks, I'm talking about that dapper young man pictured above-- Giancarlo Stanton.

Now, I know what you're saying: Nobody gives half a shit about the National League.  And you're right for the most part.  They have the odd dude in there like Andrew Mccutchen and Jose Altuve, but really, the NL is just kind of a waste of time when the AL is around.  But Stanton.  Oh. My. God.  Stanton.

22 years old, 6'5'', 245lbs of scoreboard smashing power.  And, provided you have SN1 or a reliable internet connection and the ability to procure an illegal stream, you, my friend, will be able to watch this beast for the next three games. Hopefully.

Fortunately for us, aside from Stanton, Jose Reyes, and Hanley Ramirez, the Marlins don't have any offense whatsoever.  John Buck hit a homer last night (or the night before?) and pulled his hamstring.  He'll still play tonight, so meh. Logan Morrison is sitting tonight as well, so we'll see Justin Ruggiano cleaning up.  Pfft.

Jose Bautista is pretty much back to normal, according to Fangraphs.

Jon Morosi compares and contrasts the 2011 Jays draft with the 2002, a.k.a. Moneyball draft of the Oakland A's.  Fingers crossed.

I guess Edwin gets a Zaunhead for Tuesday's game.  Nobody else really did anything worth a fuck.

Assuming everyone cares, and also because I put all my "stuff" in to the other post I did this morning and need more stuff to write about, I'm going to tell everybody about my fantasy teams.  I have 3 roto leagues, and 3 head-to-heads.  I lead two of the roto leagues (1 by a little, 12 teams; 1 by a massive, massive margin, 10 teams).  I'm also dead last in my 3rd roto league, mostly because I have Tim Lincecum on that team.  

I'm 4 of 12 in a head-to-head league that I lead for the first little while, but then lost 7 of the 23 guys to injury (Longoria, Santos, Gardner, Zimmerman, etc.).  8th of 16 in another (a lot of minor injuries in that one, but still, a lot of waiver wire stuff).  Finally, I have a keeper league in which I'm 10 of 12, mostly by virtue of my draft strategy of grabbing guys like Logan Morrison, Brandon Belt, Trevor Bauer, Danny Duffy, and Brett Lawrie for cheap, and attempting to keep them forever, making my team meh now, but amazing later.

Pretty much the entirety of my twitter feed seems pretty blood-thirsty, looking for a Travis Snider promotion.  Snider's hit a bit of a hot streak, and it would appear that there are no worries about his wrist.  Snider has hit 3 HR's in his last 3 games, and is batting .345 in AAA (Las Vegas, though).  There are some available AB's for him, assuming management doesn't have issues with David Cooper, Mike Mccoy, and Yan Gomes, wherever they may be, not getting everyday MLB AB's.  I doubt they want Snider DHing, so the natural fit is LF.  The only problem with that?  Rajai Davis has played well since Eric Thames was demoted, and may even be building up some trade value with his .267/.328/.442 line to go along with 16 steals (4 cs).  I doubt they want Davis DHing either, but who knows.

John Lott tells us that Travis d'Arnaud was named Player of the Month for the month of May [note: June is almost fucking over], with a .367 batting average and 10 HR's.

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Mathis C
Davis LF
Romero P

Miami Sound Machines
Reyes SS
Ramirez 3B
Stanton RF
Ruggiano CF
Infante 2B
Kearns LF
Sanchez 1B
Buck C
Sanchez P

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