Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Fuck.  It's an oblique strain, and it probably won't be a brief situation.  My brief, sombre twitter conversation with Kyle of Driveline Baseball:

So yeah, expect him to either take a long time to allow this one to heal, or expect him to be re-injured, I guess?  Oblique injuries are so fucky, in that they just kind on linger forever.

I fully expect him to be DL'ed and to miss a month or more, but obviously I'm not a doctor (or I wouldn't be writing a fucking baseball blog with all my time!).  They don't have to make up their minds about a DL move until Tuesday of next week, since that's when Morrow's spot in the rotation comes up.

After yesterday's 9 full innings of bullpen work, the Jays have sent Yan Gomes and Chad Beck down to the minors, and have recalled both Evan Crawford and Aaron Laffey, to allow the bullpen to replenish, though, really, Frasor only threw an inning, Oliver and Janssen both sat.  I just got home from the beach, so I may have just missed it, but I don't see anything that suggests that anybody is unavailable for tonight's game if absolutely needed.  CharlieV probably doesn't pitch unless completely necessary.  Nice to see them take the tarps off of Coco though, instead of preserving him for some useful innings that he'd just fucking blow anyway.

Apparently Vlad Guerrero has asked to be released from his contract with the Jays, which is fine, I guess, since he wasn't hitting in AAA with Las Vegas, so who cares?

Zaunhead to Colby Rasmus for last night, and a get-well soon Zaunhead for Morrow.

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