Friday, 1 June 2012

Outrighted. Definitely Outrighted.

There there.
So yeah, we're a bit behind.  I was at a Tom Petty concert (fucking fantastic, thanks for asking) while all this nonsense happened, so sue me?  I guess?

Either way, Lind was outrighted off the 40-man roster, which is a breath of fresh air, actually, if I can say so.  I'll explain my thoughts on the matter in a second.  Lind's 40-man roster spot is now taken up by Robert Coello, who, to the best of my prior knowledge, is just some guy that will be an 8th man out of the bullpen if anything ridiculous happens, and then a position player will actually be called up, since, apparently, the bullpen isn't fully recovered from that little stretch of overuse a week ago.  Aaron Laffey was sent down to get back in to the rotation, for what it's worth.

Anyhoo, that thing about Lind.  I think it's kind of cool that they're okay with not playing someone who is getting paid $5MM, and just go ahead and say "Yeah, let's just waive him. Nobody's taking him anyway.  41-Man rosters!"  It's not like Coello, Laffey, Chavez, etc. are really all that valuable, to the point where they couldn't just DFA them and be done with the situation no matter what, so I'm sure one of those guys will get removed from the 40-man within a few days anyway (for Vlad). Having said all of this, apparently Lind "could be back up soon."  Extreme confidence boost! AAA! No secondary pitches! Offensive environment!  Don't be shocked when he remains terrible.

Speaking of Vlad, he is clearly too good for A-ball, because he fucked that whole situation up real good, to the tune of 4 HR's in 4 games, and something like a .500 average.  He's been sent to AAA to continue his tuneup against not-highschoolers, and will probably be in a Jays' uniform in a matter of days, assuming things go reasonably in AAA.

Uhh, I don't think I really have anything else.  I just got my computer back from the "Don't do anything about the problems" shop, after two weeks away from it, and was on the road for the last like 5 hours, so I don't really have any stuff for you that I've read through at this point. I happen to know that the Red Sox are in town, and I think I heard that Dustin Pedroia is on the DL, joining Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury.  And uhh, Scott Podsednik?  Yeah, this should work out alright.  Drabek might not even get torched that badly tomorrow night.

 Sounds mighty fine to me.  I don't have any news on Kelly Johnson's hamstring, or Yunel's groin, for that matter, but I guess if we haven't heard anything yet, it's no big deal, especially since they're both in the lineup tonight.

Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Bautista RF
Edwin DH
Rasmus CF
Lawrie 3B
Arencibia C
Cooper 1B
Davis LF

Hendy P

Red Sox
Podsednik CF
Nava LF
Gonzalez 1B
Ortiz DH
Salapeemapetilon C
Middlebrooks 3B
Sweeney RF
Aviles SS
Punto 2B

Buchholz P

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