Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ready to Laff

I didn't check, but I can only assume that everybody used some variation of "Laffer" or "Laffing" or whatever. Naturally.

It's the beginning of the begging tonight, as Adam Lind returns to the starting lineup.  He'll bat 8th against Dice-K.  Fuck that guy.  I suppose you could be sitting there asking me "Who are you talking about when you say 'fuck that guy', Lind or Dice-K?"  To that, I suggest you use your imagination, and decide to fuck whomever the hell you please.

Hey, are you sick of Blue Jays getting hurt?  Well, a bit of a reprise for you, as a Las Vegas 51 has been injured for a change.  Future MVP Travis d'Arnaud is going to miss 6-8 weeks with a torn PCL in his knee, which he suffered sliding the other day.  We are still stuck with JP Arencibia and his .284 on-base percentage, it would seem.  The bright side is that there is no need for surgery.

Henderson Alvarez had his MRI today, and apparently it's just a mild inflammation, and he should be able to make his next start.  No need for Jamie Moyer. Yet, anyway.

The game appears to have already started, with an 8-pitch Lawrie double and a botched fielder's choice. Gonna need about 13 runs of support for Laffey please.

Zaunhead to Rasmus for yesterday.  Vote that fucker in to the All-star game.

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