Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rasmatazz, Pt. 2

Holy defense, huh?

That was getting frustrating for a while, with all the overhead liners that turned in to outs.  Even without the 9th inning, that game should have probably been about 10-0 in the 5th inning at one point or another.

Anyway, good ole Colby came through in a big way there in the 9th, and I guess Edwin kind of did as well, with the go-ahead tater.  Edwin's homer was worth a tidy +.351 WPA, which, in a close game... well you get it.

What else?  I guess today is the last game of the interleague schedule, which sounds fucking fantastic to me.  Pitchers batting.  Fucking horseshit.  Having said that, the Jays are currently 9-8 over the interleague schedule, which means that, at worst, they'll be .500 on the year, as opposed to their typical 2-12 against the NL.  All this nonsense without Brandon Morrow.

Speaking of the interleague shit and pitchers batting, we're going to actually have a DH tomorrow and after that.  That could mean that there will be another roster move, sending a pitcher down and bringing up a hitter.  Travis Snider and Adam Lind are both tearing up AAA, and could very well be the answer there, though David Cooper hasn't really done anything to deserve sitting on the bench, and Rajai Davis has played his cock off since the Thames demotion, so let's not lose our heads here.  All these bats and nowhere to put them... get some arms AA (this is a sarcastic comment)!

Jesse Chavez today, and that's pretty much what it is, I guess.  He couldn't get out of the third inning last week or whenever it was that he started, and has a career fip and xfip over 5.  Just grin and bear it, I guess.  This will all be over soon.  I dunno, Brett Cecil was actually pretty serviceable yesterday...

Doug Walton, a producer for sportsnet, seems to always have little arbitrary-endpoint stats that show the bright side of things on his twitter, and today is no different.  Some of the highlights.

  • Rajai Davis is .318/.375/.470 since the becoming the everyday-ish LF.
  • Bautista and Edwin are on pace to hit 100 HR's between them.
  • Anthony Gose is hitting .323 since starting really slow.  Pretty much the same for Travis d'Arnaud (.361 in his last 55 games).
  • Colby Rasmus is OPS'ing higher than your usual suspects of CF's over the last month.
Sportsnet's Mike Cormack looks at some upcoming roster crunches that the Jays may be looking at over the next month or so.  Guys like TDA, Adeiny Hechavarria, and Anthony Gose could potentially be on their way up, Kelly Johnson and Edwin Encarnacion are going to be free-agents and could be traded, and guys like Travis Snider and Adam Lind are performing reasonably in AAA.  Meanwhile, the entire rotation is fucking broken.

Not that it really means anything, but Dave Gershman tells us that AA and Andrew Tinnish are meeting with Chase (not Matt) DeJong in Miami.

Let's all vote Edwin in to the allstar game, huh?

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Escobar SS
Davis LF
Johnson 2B
Chavez P

Reyes SS
Ramirez 3B
Stanton RF
Morrison LF
Dobbs 1B
Infante 2B
Cousins CF
Buck C
Buehrle P

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