Friday, 17 June 2011


Jesus Christ.  I mean, yeah it happens, and to every team really.  Just kind of hurts to lose games that way against a bad team like Baltimore, especially when you catch a break like having Jeremy Guthrie leave the game after 5 innings.  Guthrie pitched really well until he experienced back tightness and had to leave the game, and then the Jays subsequently scored two and tied the game.  I'd have been totally fine with the loss if it was just Guthrie continuing to pitch the way he did, because he's a pretty good (and underrated) pitcher, thanks to how terrible the O's are.

And how about Zach Stewart?  Miles ahead of where Drabek appears to be. right?  Dude just threw strikes all day, and earned himself an easy Zaun-head.  Let's keep in mind that, despite pitching well, he was up against the shitty old Baltimore Orioles getaway day offense.  That means no Matt Weiters, plus Brian Roberts is still out of the lineup.  I hate to burst a bubble here, but it's not like it was that hard, and frankly, Drabek probably could have handled this Baltimore lineup at least reasonably well.  Yeah, you still have to throw strikes, which Drabes kind of sucks at, but still.  Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that Drabek is a year younger and still projects a lot better, and that Stewart projects as a middle-of-the-rotation guy, and that this start from Zach doesn't really change any of that.

Adam Lind is cock off lately, huh?  In his last 10 games he's Bautista'ed his batting average 25 points, his OPS by 112 points, and has 5 HR's.  If only Bautista was hitting.

Interleague play resumes tonight for some reason.  I really don't like interleague play at all, but it is cool to see Cincy play the Jays.  I chose them a couple of seasons ago to be the NL team I was going to root for, since I liked the way they were going about their business. They're a good young team who has been sort of Tampa Bay lite, keeping under the radar, building a solid team of 1 or 2 stars and a bunch of decent players, while keeping costs relatively low, and it looks like they should have some measure of sustained success over the next few years.  This is a model more closely resembling what the Jays are going to be like in the next 5 years or so.  Not to mention, Joey Votto.  Now he and Jose Bautista are going to be in the same building for 3 straight days, making baseball nerds the world over ejaculate in their pants.

After yesterday's game, Casey Janssen was placed on the 15-day DL with forearm tightness.  I just assumed that this would coincide with John Mcdonald returning, but I've heard rumors that Brad Mills was the guy that would be coming up to replace him.  I was looking around last night before I went to bed, and to this point I have seen nothing official that would suggest this to be true, but we'll know closer to game time tonight.

The Jays signed Ramon Vazquez to a minor league deal yesterday.  Not sure why, but heh.  I suppose this could be some kind of depth protection move for when Lawrie comes up, just in case someone claims Nix/Edwin when that DFA happens.

Trade Octavio Dotel to the Yankees please.  The Yankees just had a Phillies throwaway start a game for the
yesterday, and they're just signing whoever the fuck has a pulse to pitch for them lately.  It's not like the Jays are going to bother offering Dotel arbitration at the end of the year anyway (at least I fucking hope not).  If anyone's going to give up anything for him, it's the Yanks.  Apparently Farrell said the other day that they were going to drop a pitcher when Mcdonald came back, which the Casey Janssen injury kind of stopped, but Dotel had to have been a candidate given the fact that he's like 38 and has hardly been used.

Pirates' Catcher Chris Snyder had back surgery recently, and can barely move.  As result, when his wife got in a car accident with a guy on a scooter (scooterist?), he couldn't help out when the dude attacked her and ripped the mirror off their car.  Fucking relax, dude.

The Braves won their game last night in extra innings on a walk off balk, or for those of you who prefer efficiency, a balk-off.  I came up with that immediately when I heard what happened; unfortunately, so did like 90,000 other people.

The battery in my wireless mouse died just now.  Touchpads are so not for me.

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