Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hey, so this is depressing

These last couple games are really making me sad panda.  I mean it's not like they're losing two of three to the Orioles or the Astros (oh wait...), but it would be cool to actually look like a big league team, though I guess sending Corey Patterson and the 3b triumverate of Jayson Nix/Edwin/Mike Mccoy out there day after day sort of nips that one in the bud.

Having said all that, Mike Minor threw a pretty good game after the first inning, and Zach Stewart was kind of all over the place.  Atlanta is a pretty good team that was probably a giant favorite to win that game, especially when Adam Lind is the only person swinging a half-decent bat for the Jays lately.

And hey, we get to do it all again tonight!  Jojo Reyes has been passable this year, and gets a chance to really stick to to his old team, those bastards.

Anyway, have you guys noticed how there's been like a billion articles about Jose Bautista this year?  Well this one is pretty much the same, but written by Joe Posnanski, so better.

That's all for now.  Too sad.

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