Saturday, 4 June 2011

That's better

Nothing like a visit to Baltimore to wash the taste of two severe beatings out of your mouth.  JP Tatercibia struck again, hitting a grand slam during my 6th or 7th beer, earning a Zaunny.  All in all, that was a pretty good game.  Rajai Davis had 3 hits and a steal, Yunel Escobar had two hits plus a walk, raising his batting average to .300, and Jose Bautista had a hit and 2 walks, on intentional... good one Buck Showalter, raising the OBP to an astonishing .504.  Jayson Nix continued to be Jayson Nix, as we all pine for Brett Lawrie.

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Adam Lind was recalled from his rehab assignment, and should play today.  Eric Thames was the player sent back the other way.  He did a pretty good job of filling in, though I'd have liked to see him get more of a chance in the field.

Rare weekend night-game for the Jays tonight.  Jake Arrieta and Ricky Romero are pitching, in what should be a pretty good matchup given the actual talents of these two lineups.

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