Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hop on the bus and get outta there

Ah yes, racism jokes.  Because it's Atlanta.

Yeah, I totally missed the game yesterday.  I had no idea it was an afternoon game, though I suppose I didn't bother to check.  I instead watched Mad Men and played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time all day long, going from the start of Dodongo's cavern right up to the Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple.

And I guess it's a good job I didn't watch, having seen the "Jays in 30" thing.  It's good to see that Jose Bautista showed up.  Too bad nobody else was interested.  Bautista hit a homerun, his 22nd of the year, and made a real nice catch robbing a homerun in the 7th inning, and that was pretty much it for the good guys.

Nice to get the fuck out of Atlanta, though I suppose St Louis isn't a ton better in terms of favorable opponents.  Even without Albert Pujols in the lineup for the next 6 weeks, this is still a pretty tough team to face, though maybe we might see some offense out of the Jays for a change assuming Jaime Garcia doesn't pitch all three games.  That series starts tomorrow, and then the Jays return home after a disaster of a roadtrip (assuming they don't sweep STL, which, let's be serious here...)  I dunno, maybe these dudes just need an offday to fuel up.  Up until the Mike Minor game, Jose Bautista looked kind of lost at the plate (by his standards) for the last week and a half of so, which is kind of a shitty thing when the guy carries the entire offense on his shoulders.  And nobody else really looked any better, save for maybe Adam Lind at times.

On the injury front, Travis Snider saw a neurologist yesterday and there are no concussion symptoms, which means he should return soon-ish.  Brett Lawrie still isn't swinging a bat, but he's doing everything else.  Casey Janssen had an MRI on Monday, which revealed no structural damage.  He is scheduled to begin a rehab program today.  Jesse Litsch has another rehab start today.  He'll probably have one more and then return to action.

OK, so Corey Patterson, in his last 17 games, has dropped 30 points off his batting average, and 97 points off his OPS., coming dangerously close to his mediocre career numbers, which are inflated by those 3 seasons in which he was actually kind of useful.  And he's still got a .316 babip.  So maybe we should get Eric Thames back up here. Or Mastro.  Or Snider.

Whatever happens, Corey Patterson was pretty close to being a tradeable asset about 3 weeks ago.  Corey Patterson looks a lot more like a cuttable piece of nonsense now.  He surprised me by playing some half decent baseball at the start of this season, but he's been the fucking worst lately.  Baseball-reference somehow has him listed as a 1.9 WAR player so far this season, which boggles my mind.  Fangraphs has him at a more reasonable 0.7 WAR, thanks to +1.8 baserunning.  So yeah, he's fast.  That's literally all he can contribute anymore.  I don't think I'm really jumping the gun when I say that there's nothing really shitty about just tossing him aside and getting some AB's for the young guys waiting in the minors.

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