Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cecil up, Stewart down, and more

Ok there's a lot today, so shut your stupid fucking faces for a second.

First, the stupid Tigers can go jump in a fire and stay there.  Congratulations on your stupid seeing-eye singles, it's a damn miracle that the Jays were in this game late.  Adam Lind wins the Zaunny, tying himself with Jose Bautista and Ricky Romero for the season lead*.

*- I started this blog about a week after Jose Bautista's torrid start.  I'm sure he'd have gotten another 4 or 5 during that span.  And let's not forget that Ricky Romero only plays every 5th game.  Maybe retroactive Zaun-heads is a project for a later date.

Secondly, everyone else is doing it, I may as well too: if you've never seen Eastbound and Down, but you don't know how to properly use the internet to download elite television, The Score is showing season 1 uncensored every Monday after wrasslin', so about 11:15ET.  While we're on the subject, make fun if you please, but I still watch wrestling, though not as religiously as I did as a kid.  It's mostly for CM Punk, who did this last night.  If you ever liked wrestling as a kid, you should watch this.  It's still real to me dammit.

Ok, now for the actual news:  I guess the big one is that Zach Stewart has been optioned back to AA New Hampshire after making his third start last night.  I don't think this is at all punishment or whatever for not performing well enough, because it's tough to expect a whole lot more from a guy in his first three starts.  Cecil being the guy coming back is proof enough for me.  More on that in a second, but first more about Stewart.

In back-to-back starts it just seemed like everything kind of found a hole, though the Atlanta game looked like he was having some control issues.  Last night's start looked a lot better in terms of control, but balls in play just kept finding spots to fall.  All things considered, he put together two decent starts with a babip of .421, and I'm sure that would have regressed back to a normal number over a larger sample, since he doesn't throw 40 MPH balls in the middle of the plate.

So right, Brett Cecil takes Stewart's place in the rotation.  To me, this means that Cecil is ready to return and be the same guy that we saw last year, which is pretty much the guy who got away with being slightly better than average and got decent run support, but he's a lefty sooooo.... Jojo Reyes.  Anyway, Cecil will pitch against the pirates Thursday, which is probably by design.  As result, Carlos Villanueva will pitch July 2nd vs. the Phillies, opposite some Ray Holliday guy.

Travis Snider passed a bunch of concussion-related tests, and has been cleared to rejoin the AAA LV 51's on July 1st.

Jesse Litsch will have another rehab start tonight, upping his pitchcount to 60-65.  I assume this means that he will have one more after this one, and will then rejoin the team about 10 days from now.

Finally, Edwin Encarnacion is day-to-day with the suck, but also apparently has a lower back strain.  Yay!

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