Friday 10 June 2011

The Tale of One Bad Inning

It seems like Jays starting pitchers outings have fallen in to some sort of routine so far this year; start well, run in to trouble in one inning thanks to bloop singles, broken bat hits, and pop-ups that just kind of find a hole somehow, effectively ruining an otherwise good start.  Ricky Romero continued the trend last night, allowing 3 runs over 4 hits and a hit batsman (and a throwing error to Jose Bautista that I don't remember seeing?) in the third inning, while shutting down the KC offense for the rest of the game, throwing a complete game, allowing just 4 hits and a walk over the other 7 innings.  Good enough for a Zaun head in my eyes.

JP Arencibia and Adam Lind led the offense again.  JP hit a triple in to the corner, knocking in 2 and just barely missing a homerun, which would have been good enough for a tie ballgame at that point, and since it was a 1-run game, I think of what could have been.  Which I suppose is a loss in extra innings.

Boston comes to town tonight, which means that I'll not likely watch much baseball, since I can't stand watching the Red Sox play.  Just sooooooo boring.  Jojo Reyes will try to make it 3 wins in 3 starts against the lefty-heavy Red Sox.  Clay Buccholz goes for Boston.  Apparently Buccholz is 6-1 with an ERA under 2.5 in his last 8 starts vs. the Jays, though he's given up more homeruns so far this year than he did all of last year, which sounds good in the homer friendly Rogers Centre Skydome.

A few Bluejay notes from the internets:

The Jays signed supplemental draft pick Joe Musgrove, according to  Musgrove went 46th overall.  As of yet, the terms haven't been released, though the suggested slot signing bonus for 46th overall is $750k.  Given how quickly he signed, plus the Jays' rumored aggression this season with high-schoolers, I'd be willing to bet that it's more than $750k.

In an unrelated piece of news, The Jays released outfielder DeWayne Wise.  Similar to the Scott Podsednik release, both parties agreed that Wise wasn't part of the future of the organization, and the release was requested and granted with the hopes that Wise can find work elsewhere, possibly in the majors.  Unlike Pods, Wise was actually useful in AAA.

Yunel Escobar will probably be out of the lineup again tonight.  He took fielding practice this afternoon and apparently his mobility was limited, according to Mike Cormack of Sportsnet.  Mike Mccoy again!  Apparently Farrell said yesterday that he expected Yunel to be back tonight, but that's obviously not the case.  No need to rush it though.

Casey Janssen got a save the other night, pitching the 9th inning in a close game instead of Frank Frank, Frasor, or Rauch.  Free Jason, but Janssen is probably the next best thing.  Apparently Rauch has a sore lat muscle in his back, and Farrell said that he thought giving Rauch a day off would be better than bringing him in.

Jesse Litsch's twitter:
Jesse Litsch: Just threw my 2nd bullpen went real well felt great can\'t wait til Monday to get back into game action throwing a sim game at the complex
Probably a week to 10 days away.

And apparently, Dustin Pedroia is set to play tonight.  He missed yesterday's game to fly down to Florida to get his knee checked out, but it's just a bruise and he's going to play through it.  I hope he gets beaned directly in the kneecap.


McCoy SS
Patterson LF
Bautista RF
Lind DH
Rivera 1B
Arencibia C
Hill 2B
Davis CF
Nix 3B

Reyes P

Red Sux

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Youkilis 3B
Ortiz DH
Lowrie SS
Crawford LF
Cameron RF
Saltalamacchia C

Buchholz P

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