Tuesday 7 June 2011

Draft Stuff, plus DIE FRANK FRANCISCO!

Could probably use one or two of these packages after last night's game, huh?  That sucked.  Scrabblydabbly kinda screwed the pooch on that one, and then Frank Francisco went on to give up a run in extras.

Now, in the title, when I say "DIE FRANK FRANCISCO", I'm obviously taking the stance of idiot fans who are overreacting.  Yes, he gave up a run.  And yes, he's blown a couple of saves.  But I dunno, last night wasn't really all that bad, no matter the result.  It's not like he gave up 3 walks or anything.

Frank's gonna be okay.  It's not a big deal that he's still struggling.  My only real problem with the whole Frank-Frank thing is that he's still being used in high-leverage scenarios, when guys like Frasor or Janssen could be used instead.  I mean there's gotta be something going on with Frank, to the point where I don't think we're ever really surprised that he's blowing saves and getting the BJ Ryan treatment.  Like remember the other day when Frasor came in in the 3rd inning to spell Shawn Camp, who was in turn spelling Kyle Drabek?  That's where guys like Francisco, Dotel and (when he's up) Luis Perez should be used.  Please.

Alright, so yesterday was day 1 of the MLB First Year Player Draft.  It wasn't much of a surprise when Gerrit Cole went first overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I'm not going to lie and pretend that I'm a scout or that I know much about these undrafted prospects, so I'll just let MLB.com do it with this video.

Let's hope Drabek can find the zone tonight, and that Vin Mazzaro does that 11ER in 2 innings thing again.


Escobar SS
Patterson LF
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Arencibia C
Hill 2B
Encarnacion DH
Davis CF
Nix 3B
Drabek P


Gordon LF
Cabrera CF
Hosmer 1B
Francoeur RF
Butler DH
Aviles 3B
Getz 2B
Treanor C
Escobar SS

Mazzaro P

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