Thursday, 9 June 2011

Holy crap I forgot it was an early game

Holy crap!  I forgot it was an early game!  As if I'm previewing this shit (I predict a triple from JP Arencibia).  I would have had some stuff written (probably) but my mom made me mow the lawn.

Adam Lind can have a Zaunhead for hitting a grand slam yesterday.

Brett Lawrie appears to have fractured the same hand that he was beaned on last week.  There was too much swelling at the time to diagnose such a thing, but now a few days later it's shrunk up enough that they found a non-displaced fracture, meaning that he won't need a cast and that it should heal pretty much perfectly.  He'll be out of action for at least 2-4 weeks, and will then likely have rehab starts somewhere.  He was rumored to be getting the call up this past Friday until this injury happened.

I now realize that, since he's out of baseball activity for 2-4 weeks, he may (i.e. probably) not be in the bigs for the July 1, otherwise known as Canada Day, game against the Phillies.  I'll be sitting in Left Field for that one, and if I don't get to see Lawrie while I'm in Toronto that weekend, I believe I shall be upset.  Lawrie is, of course, Canadian, and probably would mucho like to play that one, but that's just speculation of meaningless opinions on my behalf.

Something that I thought of today... Lawrie could, in theory, be unavailable until early-mid July.  The first trade deadline in the MLB in July 31.  Let's say a month from now, Lawrie is set to return to everyday game action, which would require rehab play (not sure if that's included in the 2-4, but I don't think it is).  Let's say that EE or Rivera (or Jayson Nix or whoever the fuck... disposable pieces/trade bait that would not be getting everyday AB's had Lawrie come up last week) start hitting halfway decently over these 2-4 weeks that Lawrie is out.  Maybe there's some chance that they leave Lawrie down for another little while to audition those guys off to other teams, at least until August 1, where they can just waive the fuckers and hope someone claims them and either trade or give them away for nothing.

If that does happen, and Lawrie remains in AAA, they could theoretically just wait to have him as a September call-up (i.e. wait to put him on the 40-man roster), and then option him back to start next season for about a month, in order to keep his service time below 1 year.  This would of course make it almost a certainty that he becomes a super-2, which would cost the Jays a bit more in arbitration a few years down the road, but they would get an extra year of development before using up the same amount of service time.

Worth keeping in mind is the fact that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire this offseason, and Super-2 may no longer exist by the time that happens, or the guidelines of super-2 may change by then, and AA, given his ability to see in to the future, may know what is about to happen concerning super-2 status and might have something up his sleeve.

Of course, this is all hypothetical, and is simply shit going on inside my imagination.

The Red Sox are coming to town, and that weasel Dustin Pedroia won't be around.  He's gone to Florida somewhere to see a doctor about his knee.

I also read that Joba Chamberlain is going for Tommy John Surgery, after finding a tear in an arm muscle.  Maybe that will finally make him good.

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