Wednesday 29 June 2011

so what?

Yeah, I didn't blog today.  Big whoop.  Probably won't tomorrow either.  Or the next day.  I'm getting on a plane at the asscrack of dawn and going to Toronto until Monday, with the entire basis of the trip being to see Roy Halladay in all his glory.  Most of today's slacking was due to my wanting to finish Ocarina of Time for the 18th time before leaving for Toronto, but I didn't get there.  Still have the Gerudo Valley Temple and Ganon's castle left to go.

And with that, I wrote most of what I've got in the writing-things section of my brain.  I guess the game started already, and Brandon Morrow looks pretty good thus far.  I'm also enjoying my sight of Andrew Mccuthchen, one of, if not the most underrated player in baseball.  For whatever it's worth, Shin Soo Choo (in any other season but this one) is 1 and 1a with Andrew in my books, and maybe Hunter Pence if he would swing/throw prettier.


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