Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hangover Game

Hungover, tired, still in bed, and mostly naked.  This will be brief, and made up of very few complete sentences, mostly irrelevant.

Early start in Toronto today.  John Lackey gets the call for Boston, so Toronto wins.  Brandon Morrow pitches for the Jays.

Day game after a night game, so Jose Molina bats 6th for some reason, and JP Arencibia sits.  He's got a thumb issue though, so it's no big deal.  This lineup is seriously depressing today though.  Days off for Aaron Hill and Juan Rivera for whatever reason.  Yunel is back though after missing yesterday's game with a quad.  We used to call our apartment this past semester the quad.  Quad is a funny word.  Quad.

Farrell says that Frank will work in low-leverage situations to build up some confidence, and will then return to the closer role.

Kevin Youkilis has a day off today too.  Fuck that guy.

I didn't watch the game last night, and have no idea what happened, who won, or who deserves the Zaunnie.  Might remain that way, who knows.  Maybe whoever gets it today can have two.

Finally, Jesse Litsch tweeted last night that he was backstage at a Katy Perry concert, making me incredibly jealous and not gay.



Escobar SS
Patterson LF
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Encarnacion DH
Molina C
Davis CF
Nix 3B
McCoy 2B

Morrow P

Red Jerks

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Ortiz DH
Lowrie 3B
Crawford LF
Scutaro SS
Drew RF
Varitek C

Lackey P

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