Monday, 27 June 2011


So yeah. That's a video that has nothing to do with anything, except "Sweeeeeeeeeeep" in the title reminds me of the "maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in that video, so there you go.

And speaking of poop back and forth, the Cardinals sucked this weekend.  Like super sucked.  The Jays go to Detroit for a game now to make up for a rainout from like 3 weeks ago or something, and then it's home for a couple series, first against the Pirates and then against the Phillies.  I'll be heading up for the Philadelphia series with my girlfriend, and might not write a thing on here while I'm in Toronto, so fucking deal with it.

Anyway, Ricky Romero surprised nobody by being really dominant yesterday.  Let's give him a present.

And you know what?  I'm just fine with all the good pitching performances lately.

Moving on, it's Monday afternoon, which means that there's nothing on the internet yet, save for the odd picture or recap of a hilarious end to a game (there was a walk-off intentional walk wild-pitch last night), so I'll just rely on my go-to things:

The Elias rankings have been updated over at MLBTradeRumors.  Aaron Hill has dropped from a Type-A to a Type-B in projections, and MLBTR has a small article here about why that's actually a good thing for the Jays, though they blatantly disregard the fact that a team with a protected pick could grab him for what is still a better haul.  Basically, the system is broken, and sometimes mediocre players get Type-A status somehow (i.e. Carlos Pena this past season), in which a team wouldn't dream of offering arbitration since they would probably accept it.

Other Jays checking in as useful- Frasor, Frank, Dotel, Camp and Rauch are all type-B relievers, with Frasor being the 2nd highest ranked type-B.  He could easily move to Type-A, as could Frank if he blows fewer saves.  Jose Molina is no longer ranked as Type-B, but is the highest of the unranked.  I doubt that will mean anything though, since he's old, sucks, and will probably accept arbitration (or retire) at the end of the year since nobody else could possibly want him.

Juan Rivera and Edwin Encarnacion have done themselves no favors, as they are still nowhere close to obtaining Type-B status.  Corey Patterson's stock has fallen as well, going from "nowhere close" to "further away than Encarnacion".  All other Jays are either still under team control next season, or are John Mcdonald/Jayson Nix, and thus have no bearing in this discussion.

The LA Dodgers (via owner/scumbag Frank Mccourt) have filed for bankruptcy.  Mccourt is a piece of shit who bought the Dodgers a few years ago and has basically used the club as a personal credit card, draining all the assets out of the club to finance his lifestyle.  The faster they get this out of his hands, the better.  This is something I read about a week ago and think I forgot to link.  If for nothing else, scroll down to the diagram and read the two paragraphs below it that explain.

And finally, Delmon Young turned a routine flyball in to this (click on the pic for a gif):

And now he's hurt.

Update- Gregg Zaun twitter analysis

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