Friday, 29 July 2011

0-For-5? WTF?

Trade him back!

No but really, who gives a shit?

Anyways, I missed the game last night because I was seeing the Arcade Fucking Fire live.  And holy balls there were good.  Woo.

Umm, so yeah, baseball.  Uhh, let's see.  Carlos Beltran got traded too, and proceeded to suck equally as bad as Rasmus.  Using the sample size of one game, both AA and Brian Sabean should be fired (I'm not crazy about Wheeler-for-2 months of Beltran+cash, but if Beltran wants to resign in the offseason then it's fine.  I've also read that Wheeler might compare a little better to Zach Stewart in terms of still being in AA-ball despite being highly touted, so there's that too).

Last night's game saw Edwin Encarnacion continue to swing a good bat, going 3-for-4 with a homerun (which Eric Thames followed with a homer of his own).  EE's now hitting a halfway respectable .267/.308/.432 (.740), which at first glance isn't anything to tell mom about, but if we consider how poorly his season started, this is a decent little recovery.  Two months ago, his OPS was almost 200 points lower than it is now.

By the way, Corey Patterson went 1-for-3 with an RBI in his Cardinals debut, and Mark Rzepczynski  and Octavio Dotel combined to throw 3 innings of 1-hit ball in relief.  Edwin Jackson gets his first start tomorrow. The White Sox had a day off.

Next, John Farrell in his post-game presser, said that it was nice to be finished with JJ Hardy.  No kidding.  What an asshole that Hardy is.  There might not be any offense in that Baltimore lineup if it weren't for he and Matt Weiters, save for your short-term Derrek Lee babip spikes.

Both Jesse Litsch and Brad Mills have been called up to the MLB-team, and newly-acquired PJ Walters has been demoted to AAA, after throwing a scoreless inning in relief last night against Baltimore.  It looks like Brad Mills will get the start against the Rangers Saturday, while Jesse Litsch will be used as a bullpen dude.  John Farrell said of Mills "The fact that Brad has thrown the ball exceptionally well in Las Vegas, I think he's earned the spot. He's got the opportunity to take this start and run with it."  Mike Mccoy was also sent down to AAA.

Something else that's fun: Brett Lawrie went 3-for-4 with 2 homers last night.  Since coming back from hurtland, he's hitting .381 (16/42).

The Atlanta Braves have checked in on Jon Rauch, almost as if he might be useful.  Despite AA saying that he's pretty much done making moves for the deadline, some people still think that Francisco and Rauch could both be had.

Jose Bautista has apparently signed an endorsement contract with Booster Juice.  When I was in Toronto a month ago, my aunt bought me one of those, and I must say it was quite delicious.

According to Callum Hughson at, the Jays are on the verge of signing Roberto Osuna, nephew of former major leaguer Antonio Osuna, who, in Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. for N64, was the best non-closer relief pitcher in the game if I'm not mistaken.  Osuna is 16 years old and is playing in the Mexican league, which Hughson calls the equivalent of AAA.  That's impressive.

Alexi Ogando vs. Brett Cecil tonight.

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