Monday 18 July 2011


So yeah, I'm back.  My sister got married this weekend, and we had a whole lotta family visiting (some still here), and then a nasty hangover and head cold or allergies or whatever...

And frankly, I haven't watched a game since before the all-star break, having to plan a bunch of stuff and see people and drink.  I should be back to normal over the next couple days, and if not, shut up.  And there's no game tonight anyway, so...

I hear Jose Bautista hurt himself.  Probably the derby curse.  He should be back tomorrow.

Brett Lawrie has been hit by pitches 3 times in his last 2 games on his rehab stint.  Should be okay I think, based on his twitterings.

Jose Bautista was ranked as the #2 player in terms of trade value by Fangraphs, behind only Evan Longoria.  Cool.

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