Thursday, 7 July 2011

Romero= Superman, Boston=Kryptonite

And I'm just so over it.  Don't even fucking care.

For whatever reason, Ricky Romero can't pitch against the Red Sox like he can against most other teams. Buck and Tabler were suggesting that it may be because Romero tips off his pitches and the Red Sox are the only ones who have really picked anything up... kind of like the mythical steroids Jose Bautista is using that nobody else has access to.  I mean it would make sense, given that John Farrell was the pitching coach in Boston last year, and therefore would have nothing to do with the batting portion of the team.  Of course I'm being sarcastic, since that's retarded.

I think the more likely scenario is some combination of small sample size anomalies and the fact that Boston is just a really good team, and has been throughout Romero's career.  I'm sure the bad outfield defenses that the Jays have had, plus the awkwardness of the Fenway outfield could have something to do with it as well.

It's almost over people.  Anyway, on the bright side, Travis Snider went 2-4, and Yunel Escobar had 4 hits in his return to the lineup, earning a Zaun-head.

Check this out: Jose Bautista is up for a couple of ESPY's, and seems to be retweeting a lot of people who mention the fact.  Voting ends like tomorrow or the next day or something like that?  So get your votes in.  You can be like me and sift through all the football and basketball categories if you feel like, or you can vote for whoever the fuck you want in those ones.  But you HAVE TO VOTE JOSE.  No other options fellas, sorry.

Fangraphs has an article up about guys who have been effective and cheap this year, and could be turned in to something at the deadline.  Not necessarily an impact move, but some kind of final piece to a playoff team.  And apparently, the writer hasn't noticed that Corey Patterson has been terrible for the last month and has been relegated to mostly bench time, because he suggests someone might pick Patsy up.  Please please please please please...

Something else about Jose Bautista in the community research section of Fangraphs about Jose's HOF chances.

Umm, JP Arencibia got hit by a pitch yesterday and was removed from the game as result.  He's already got a shitty left thumb, and now a left wrist bean to boot.  Farrell said after the game (apparently) that JP was removed simply for precautionary purposes and that no preliminary tests suggested a break or anything.  I'm sure he's really excited for a couple days off during the all-star break to recharge everything and heal up and whatnot.

And finally, Reds SS prospect Zack Cozart may be getting called up this weekend.  The story is breaking thanks to some crack detective work that points out that the hotel the Reds are staying at this weekend has a room booked for a Zack Cozart, though this could, in theory, be a wild coincidence, thanks to the extreme commonness of the name Cozart.

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