Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Edwin stuff, plus a forgettable game.

I won't even comment on the nonsense that was the game last night.  Usually when I say that I won't comment on something, I comment a little bit on it right afterwards, but this time I'm actually super serial.  Not even a word about Derrek Lee's inability to make an out despite 3 AB's where he barely makes contact off the end of the bat, but all 3 fall in for hits (or did that only happen twice, now that I think about it?).  Or the Corey Patterson defensive showcase.  Or the line drives up the middle that turned in to easy outs.  Nope, not a word.

Actually, one quick word.  Jose Bautista got beaned in the head, and was removed from the game. Turns out that was just precaution, and he says he's ready to come back again tonight.  He'll probably be mad, so expect a homerun or two.  I would assume he'll be playing DH, since they've been letting him DH every other game, essentially, since he missed a couple games with ankle problems, though I've got a little theory on that one.  Check this out.

Edwin Encarnacion, who you may or may not remember being terrible at defense, has been getting a little bit of playing time as of late at third, in Bautista's absence.  Now, you may also remember, going back about 5 weeks ago, how he was a complete abortion zone in every part of the game when it came to being a valuable member if this ballclub, but since right around the start of interleague play, he's hit a little bit better (and I know I've missed a few games in this span, but has fielded at third pretty well for his standards).  So much so, that he's actually inched his way sort of close to Type-B status.

Here's the thing about that: Edwin is only close to Type-B (and has worse competition to leapfrog to actually get to Type-B) if he remains in the 2B-3B-SS category, as opposed to the 1B-OF-DH category.  If he remains in the lineup everyday, the only way he's going to get Type-B status (assuming he continues to kind of produce offensively) is if, by the end of the year, he has more games played at 3B than he does at DH/1B over the last two seasons.  If my math is right, he might not need anymore games at 3B to ensure that he's a 3B in the eyes of the Elias Rankings, but I'm not entirely sure if the numbers from this year are weighted differently from last year.  If they're weighted equally, then we can toss that theory right out the window pretty much, considering he played 96 games last year at third, and 1 at DH.  However, if position is relative only to this season, he has 47 played at 1B/DH, and only 36 at 3B (starts and full games might also matter, I don't fucking know.  The whole system is stupid and broken anyway).

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