Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All-star break

You'll have to forgive me for not blogging yesterday.  I simply didn't care.  All-star weekend really is pretty boring, save for the pictures of Kate Upton and Jennie Finch at the celebrity softball game.  I seem to get kind of excited for the derby every year, only to remember how boring it gets after about 20 minutes.  This year, I was a little more jacked up to see Jose Bautista go, but he kind of disappointed.  Who gives a shit though, really?  I will admit that, despite not paying much attention to it, I did leave the derby on my computer in the background while playing video games, and by the time I started looking at it again, I did notice Robinson Cano really steal the show with a sick finish.

The best part of the all-star break is easily the endless highlight packages of the best plays of the first half of the year.  I've been watching any sports channel I could get my hands on this morning, since all they do is show these clips, and I've got to say, Brent Lillibridge can play some serious defense.  Which actually brings me to my next point.  The thing I hate most about the All-star festivities is this little stretch of like 4 days with only 1 game.  Beyond that, it's all offense in terms of position players, leaving guys like the aforementioned Lillibridge off my TV (though he sits in Chicago a lot too, so bad example).

Anyway, I typically nap my way right through the All-star game, and I can't imagine this year will be any different, if I even stay in to watch it.  The Jays don't play again until Thursday evening, so I'm fairly disinterested in until then.  And my sister is getting married this weekend, which means that a bunch of family and friends will be around over the next few days, so no baseball for a week, I guess.

The internet is at it again!  Dock Ellis, former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, once pitched a no-hitter while under the influence of acid.  Please read that wikipedia entry.  Anyway, some guy has chosen to attempt to also throw a no-hitter, except using MLB2k11, and a create-a-player version of Dock Ellis, but still on acid.  This is a surreal read (there's also a video embedded in there).

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