Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Michael Pinata again

Remember the time when that asshole, Michael the Pinata schooled the Jays earlier this year?  Yeah.  Expect a 2-0 game tonight.  Good time to have Brett Cecil up and tossing tonight.  No word as of right now as to whether or not Jose Bautista is expected back in the lineup, but I have a good feeling about this one.

In other news, Jesse Litsch is finished his rehab stint and has been optioned back to AAA Las Vegas.

And finally, Robbie Alomar will have his #12 retired by the BJ's on July 31.

Update- Holy Shit! Snider in CF tonight?  Could this really work?  Patterson and Thames will surround him with Jose DH'ing, Davis on the bench, and Edwin at 3rd.  What a mess.

Update 2- Secular Shit! Casey Janssen activated, Luis Perez returned to AAA LV.

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