Tuesday 26 July 2011

Day after offday

Just nothing to do here really.  Texas scored like 4 billion runs last night against Michael Cuddyer The Minnesota Twins, which is always entertaining, I suppose.

I guess the Jays appear to be hanging on to Jason Frasor, Jon Rauch, and so on and so forth... all those Type-B relievers that could turn in to draft picks.  That kind of makes me think that they're willing to offer Octavio Dotel arbitration at the end of the year, which frightens the balls offa me.  I thought he was going to be removed from the team via trade or DFA or whatever until Casey Janssen went down with arm pain a month or so ago.  And christ, he can't possibly reject arbitration, can he?! Unless the Jays have some handshake agreement that he'll reject at the end of the year.  Even then... who's going to sign him to a major league deal?  Heh, stranger things have happened I guess. (Sidenote-- read the comments under that link.  Some people actually think that the Yunel deal was good for the Braves.  Get fucking real Braves fans.)

Morrow tonight! The Jays have won each of his last 7 starts.  Baltimore tonight!  They're terrible!

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