Wednesday 27 July 2011

Sexual Ha-Rasmus!

I decided to make this whole thing it's own post.

Thanks to, it looks like the Jays may be close to sending Jason Frasor packing to Chicago.  Details are still a little out there, and the deal doesn't appear to be complete, but Edwin Jackson looks to be the centerpiece of what's coming back.  The Jays might even go ahead and flip him to St Louis in an attempt to pry Colby Rasmus away, which would shorten my pants significantly.  The Jays might have to take on Mark Teahen, the rest of his ~$4MM salary, and his 5 consecutive years (including this one) of -WAR in order to complete this.  If there's no Rasmus involved, I'm not incredibly interested, but with Rasmus, that should allow Corey Patterson to get the fuck off my team, and it really gives the Jays a myriad of lineup options.

I'll just stop here and write more when more becomes known, but as of right now, it looks like the Jackson-Frasor part is more or less official.  Jackson has been told that he's been traded, which I suppose means that Frasor and Teahen are moving too.  Seriously, if the Jays can lock up Rasmus... holy shit.

Update 1 (of many?)

The first trade is done.  Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen (who, according to twitter has some ties to Canada!) for Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart.  Deep breath.  I trust AA whole-heartedly, but Stewart was not a name I was expecting, or hoping, to see involved here.  If it brings Rasmus, then by all means, let's do it.  I figure Rasmus is going to cost at least one more good prospect beyond Jackson.  Moises Sierra is not in the lineup for the Jays' AA club in New Hampshire tonight, but that may just be coincidence, but Mike Wilner's twitter (@wilnerness590) says that neither Sierra nor Eric Thames are involved in any trades going on today (though it is my personal belief that Wilner is an idiot, so take that for what it's worth).

Ken Rosenthal says that there is no cash involved in the Jays-CWS deal, which means that there probably is some cash changing hands in the Jays-STL deal (assuming that happens).

The word "Rasmus" is trending on twitter right now in Canada.

Update part 2--

A trade for Rasmus is "imminent".  HOLY SHIT!  Look at this. Link

Update 3- Not to be forgotten in all of this is that there is a decent shot that Corey Patterson is now really expendable, and could be DFA'ed if neither he or Rajai Davis are involved in any movement today.  A Rasmus/Snider/Thames outfield, with Davis as your 4th OF/platoon against LHP leaves Patterson slightly more useless as he already was before this deal.  Patterson might get the start tonight somewhere, which is typically what happens right before someone gets DFA'ed.  Sort of depends on when the Rasmus deal goes through and when he can get to Toronto.  Let's not forget about Bautista either, who prefers RF, and is kinda-sorta blocking Brett Lawrie considering Eric Thames is hitting well.

Rasmus is going to get AB's, as will Snider, as will Bautista.  I assume they wouldn't have Thames be up only to have him sit on the bench, which means if Lawrie does come up, Edwin Encarnacion would be a bench/DFA candidate himself.  Holy crap I'm excited.

I assume at least one of Jesse Litsch/Brad Mills/Kyle Drabek comes up tonight or tomorrow.  Luis Perez is almost certainly coming up to fill the bullpen void.  I wonder if AA was aware three days ago that this move was coming.  I would say that he wasn't, or he would have pulled some strings to keep Jojo Reyes on the active roster and just move him to the bullpen.

Finally, a big thank you to Jason Frasor.  He's the franchise leader in appearances for a pitcher, was the longest tenured Bluejay, he has never been on the DL as a member of the Jays (and maybe in his whole career?), and has been really solid the entire time he was in town.  Sure, he takes forever to throw the ball sometimes, but he comes in in high leverage situations and gets guys out.  He's nothing short of an elite reliever, however valuable that is, and frankly, I will miss the guy.  Of course, when you can turn him in to Colby Rasmus, you do it.  Parkes over at Getting Blanked wrote a little pre-trade tribute to Frasor last week, which can be found here, almost as if he knew this whole thing was going to happen.


Brian Tallet, among others, appears to be coming back to Toronto.  Trever Miller is apparently involved too, and will be shipped to the White Sox as a gift or something.  Going the other way... is... hold it.... Corey Patterson!

Update 5-

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6) It's official.  I'm in love.

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