Tuesday 27 September 2011

The AL Rat Race, and stuff.

Honestly, I can't be assed to watch Jays games anymore.  They don't matter at all, and I'll only get frustrated, what with lineups including Mike Mccoy, Mark Teabag and David Cooper and the like going out there and getting shut down by Dylan Axelrod or something like that, while Yunel Escobar and Brett Lawrie sit and hang out on the bench with booboos.  People are sore, and they're playing for wins that don't really get them anywhere (I'm talking about .500 here), and a privilege of signing Type-A free agents for slightly less compensation than was originally thought, a privilege that won't be exercised.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Bluejays the way I love one of my many illegitimate and unknown children (absently, without ever meeting any of them, and from halfway across the country!), but when some games actually mean a lot, and some mean pretty much nothing, well, teams be damned, I'm going to watch the important games.  The TOR-TB series this past week was fun, and had a great atmosphere.  The NYY-BOS games this weekend were great, and seeing BOS lose to BAL last night made me about as happy as a pig in shit.

The Red Sox and Rays are now tied atop the AL wild card race, each with two games left.  The Rays are playing a Yankees team who, despite having a 14 inning game two nights ago, are very well rested, and will probably continue to rest their regulars, while TB is going to dig their heels in and keep fighting, whether the Yankees just donate the last two wins of the regular season or not.  Boston, on the other hand, have two games left on the road against a Baltimore team who just refuses to give up.  Or at least that's the way it appears, especially when Boston plays so terribly down the stretch. Erik Bedard will start for Boston today.  Last time he pitched, also against Baltimore, he went 2.2IP and allowed 4 runs (1 earned).

Naturally, I'm pulling for TB.  Mostly because I like them way more than I like Boston, who I can't stand, but also because Boston had a $200MM payroll this year, and I like it when those teams miss the playoffs.  The way they've played in the last month makes me so happy.  The mere fact that they were a 95% favorite to make the playoffs 2 weeks ago, to now being a cointoss away from elimination makes me giddy inside.

For some excellent Red Sox trolling, mind this thread.

The White Sox actually got something in return for their manager, who they essentially fired yesterday.  What. The. Fuck????  At least the Logan Morrison rumors got shut down pretty quickly.  Good ole outspoken Ozzie Guillen.  A model citizen to teach those rambunctious kids to not use their twitters and respect people, and all those other things Logan Morrison totally wasn't doing.

Here's a list of the Midwest League's top 20 prospects, with Jays farmhands being in the #3 and 14 spots.

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