Monday, 5 September 2011

Eventful Series!

Hey, so I missed most of that.  Turns out it was just a sweep and a bunch of guys getting hurt or something?  Great.  I dunno, man.  I can only pay attention for so long without spacing out or having a life or something.

Someone tells me that Jose Bautista hit number 40 yesterday (I actually looked up the highlights of the game, so nobody told me that), which makes him the 2nd Bluejay ever to hit 40+ in back to back seasons (Carlos Delgado is the other).  It seems pretty unlikely that he gets to 50, but it's not like he's never gotten hot and hit 10 in 25 games before, especially in September (11 in September/Oct '10 in 28 games, 10 in Sept/Oct '09 in 29 games). And even if he doesn't hit 50, a) he's missed 10 games this season, vs. the 1 he missed last year, and b) who fucking cares?  It's not like 50 makes him any better than 49; he's been the best player in baseball this season by pretty much any metric you can think of.

Catching up to the games that happened this weekend, Zaunheads will go to Eric Thames for getting hits on Friday, DeWayne Wise for being the only useful Bluejay Saturday, and Edwin Encarnacion for doing the same on Sunday.

Big League Stew's Dave Brown examines whether Yu Darvish is actually worth the $100MM pricetag.  It should be noted that a big part of that $100MM will go to the Nippon Ham Fighters of the NPB as a posting fee, not that it really makes a big difference... whoever signs him is still going to be paying $100MM, just not entirely to Darvish.  The Jays are obviously rumored to be in on Darvish, and Brown's article features some familiar faces (to me anyway).

The Jays now go to Boston to face the insufferable Red Sox.  Man I hate watching these games.  I know that it's kind of hypocritical to say that I don't really mind watching the Yankees, because I really don't know why that is, but I can't fucking stand watching the Red Sox.  Sox games are always really long, because their pitchers just take a month between pitches, but the fans, players and announcers are all fucking morons (it seems), and that stupid fucking stadium is the biggest joke in professional sports.  I can't honestly say that the Yankees are a whole lot different (they do take less time between pitches I guess), but I dunno... I'd take a lifetime of Yankees baseball before a year of Red Sox baseball any day.

That works well enough as a segue to my next entry to the playoff primer, which will be the Yankees.  There will probably be some sarcastic Red Sox post at some point too, I guess.

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