Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reyes Rayeses his ERA

Former Jays pitcher guy Jojo Reyes and his stupid fat fucking self went ahead and sucked just the same way as we remember him doing earlier this year.  Maybe he shouldn't be a starter anymore.  I'm not sure what anybody expects out of this guy anymore, and frankly, I'm amazed he's gotten so many chances out there.

Henderson Alvarez, on the other hand, went out and dummied a pretty bad Baltimore lineup, and earned himself his first career Zaunhead.  He only allowed 3 hits over 8 innings, walking 0 and getting 17 groundouts.

Edwin Encarnacion, Yunel Escobar and Eric Thames each had 4 hits, and Thames added a walk, getting on base five times if my math is right.  Jose Bautista, Jose Molina, Kelly Johnson, and Edwin Encarnacion all hit homers.  To boot, Adam Lind was robbed of a homer by Nolan Reimold, and hit another ball of the top of the wall in center field, while Edwin hit two more balls off the wall to go along with his homer.

Basically what I'm saying here is that the Jays really stomped the O's last night.  Beyond that, the Jays' bullpen got some rest, and the Orioles' bullpen got stretched out leading in to today's afternoon game.  Luis Perez I think.

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that the Jays are a candidate for signing Yu Darvish, the newest hotshot from Japan?  If you don't like baseball as much as I do, I can tell you the Darvish is a 25-year old pitcher currently playing crushing for the Nippon Ham Fighters of the Japanese professional league to the tune of a sub-2.00 ERA and more than 10 k/9.  Not exactly sure how that translates to the majors, let alone the AL East, but anything I've ever read about him calls him a #2 starter on most any pitching staff.  Anyway, Alex Anthopoulos is currently in Japan to scout Darvish himself.

The same article linked above awkwardly claims that Casey Janssen is going to be given a couple of days off to tend to his tight back.

Umm, someone pointed out on twitter last night that Brandon Morrow has a higher fWAR than Ricky Romero (3.0 vs. 2.4).  Seems broken.  I can't exactly explain this, since I always thought WAR was a counting stat, and Ricky Romero has outperformed practically all of his predictive stats (that is to say, Romero's ERA is way better than his FIP and xFIP, while Morrow's FIP and xFIP are among the best in the league despite his ERA).  What I can say is this: (1) WAR definitely has a margin of error.  Brandon Morrow's fWAR is 3.0, but his rWAR is 0.9, so I'd predict that the correct number is somewhere around the middle of those two, and (2) Brandon Morrow has been fairly unlucky considering his k/9 is over 10.  It's tough to allow as many hits and runs as he has but still miss that many bats.  High strikeout pitchers also typically induce worse contact, and thus a lower babip, but Morrow's babip this season is about 15 points above league average.  I expect Romero to regress slightly next year, and Morrow to improve.

Finally, I don't think Brett Lawrie likes Mark Teahen, at least not as much as he likes the other twittering bluejays.

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