Friday 23 September 2011

Walkoff Flocka in the Sendoff Flocka

Another extra innings home game, another walkoff.  I'd have much preferred the tater to be of the Jose Bautista, or the Mike Mccoy variety, but I'll take Carlton Fisk Edwin version.  Speaking of Mike Mccoy, uhh... Wheaties bro.

Jose can have a Zaunhead since he got on base 5 fucking times, though Henderson Alvarez was good, and Edwin obviously deserves a little bit of credit.


Shi Davidi of spoke with Alex Anthopoulos, who tells us more of what we already knew, and that is that AA prefers the trade route to free agency.  We all know that AA loves his draft picks, plus he finds free agent contracts too risky.  He claims that via the trade, it's easier to control exactly what you get in terms of age, build, service time, and price, as opposed to the limited number of free agents, most of whom are in their 30's and demand multi-year contracts.

AA also says that he figures Nestor Molina, Drew Hutchinson, Chad Jenkins, and Deck Mcguire will all contribute in some fashion next season.  Let's not forget guys like Dustin Mcgowan and Kyle Drabek are still around as well.  The downside of having all these young guys around is that it is rather unlikely that the Jays are a real threat to compete next year, despite the elevated likelihood of improvement.

The Jays win last night, combined with the Rays spankjob of the Yankees last night, puts the Angels a game back of Tampa, and 3 games back of the Red Sox, who didn't play.  Tampa, now 2 games back in the Wild Card race, beat the Yankees 15-8 in a game that was never as close as the score indicates, which says something since it was a 7 run game.  Rays' rookie Matt Moore made his first career start against a hilarious version of the Yankees, and struck out 11 over 5 innings, hitting 97 on the gun consistently.

The Yankees will play the Red Sox thrice, and the Rays will play the Jays thrice over the next three days.  This is important.  Tampa pretty much needs to sweep the Jays and then do well against the Yankees after that if they want any hope at the playoffs.  I'd certainly love to see the Yankees put up their best against the Red Sox and then give all their regulars three days off against the Rays to do their best to sabotage the Red Sox' playoff chances, but I can't really see that happening, despite it possibly being in their best interests to do so.

Tigers' Manager Jim Leyland has confirmed that he's an idiot once again, by saying that Justin Verlander will start game 1, but will not start on short rest in the series, even if the Tigers are facing elimination.  He plans to use Doug Fister in game two and Max Scherzer in game three, but hasn't announced his game 4 starter yet.

Marlins' closer Leo Nunez is a big fat phony, according to MLBTR, as his real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo, and he's 29 years old, as opposed to the 28 he's listed as.  Many international free agents do this to increase their value on the market.  For example, which would you rather: a 16 year old who is 6'2'' and throws 92MPH, or a 19 year old who is 6'2'' and throws 92MPH?  Obviously, the former is better, since he can still grow and has more room to mature, thus having a higher ceiling.  Let the "Albert Pujols is actually 35 years old" rumors begin.

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