Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Awake in a field

Fuck off, the game starts in half an hour, you come up with a more clever title.

Edwin's back in the lineup tonight, and since Tim Wakefield is pitching for Boston, I'd expect good ole' EE to either throw his fucking bat in to the stands again (and hopefully fucking hurt some idiot), or blow out his shoulder again.  Or both.

Barry Davis tells me that Yunel Escobar is still day-to-day with some kind of elbow scenario, after getting beaned this last weekend.  He also tells us that DeWayne Wise is unavailable with respiratory problems and dental work [note- pfffffffft hahahah].

In a separate tweet, we find out that Colby Rasmus is probably still out until Friday.  The Jays want him to get a bunch of AB's in his rehab stint apparently, though I'm seeing through this bullshit, and they're trying to stack their farm system and the playoff teams within it.  Clever piggy you are, AA.

Brandon Morrow starts tonight, and I seriously fucking hope he goes out there and does well, not only because he's sucked for 4 straight outings, but also because Boston is slumping real hard and fuck those idiots.  It would seriously make my day if they missed the playoffs after losing their last 22 games of the season and blowing the nice lead that they had.

Also, I don't want my team to be the one who Tim Wakefield gets his 200th win against.  F that nonsense.

Mike Cameron was released by the Marlins yesterday.  Slap in the face or what?  Anyway, Fangraphs chose to compare him to former Jay Devon White.  Cameron was never all that impressive, but he's been real solid for pretty much his entire career, and only really started to decline at like age 36 (hence the White comparison).

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