Monday, 26 September 2011

Alright playoffs....

Seriously, let's get on 'er guys.  Jays games definitely don't mean anything now, especially now that we're done spoiling things for others.  I'm also fairly certain that the Jays can't get to the bottom 15 places in the standings to protect a first rounder, because, if they lose all of their remaining games, they'd end up tied for 15th with Washington or Cleveland, both of whom had worse records last season, which is the tie breaker.  It doesn't seem like this will really end up making a difference though, given AA's plan to slowly break down every GM in baseball via the trade system, and not free agency.

The Jays lost a couple games this weekend, and also officially lost Yunel Escobar for the rest of the season.  Couple that with the Jose Bautista injury yesterday (I personally wouldn't play him for the rest of the year... just not worth it), Colby Rasmus having the flu, Adam Lind making a new baby with Shaniqua Laykeshia... you get what I'm giving here... the Jays are a bit banged up, even with expanded rosters.

Jacoby Ellsbury continued to be unreal all day yesterday, hitting 3 HR's in the double header with the Yankees and singlehandedly being worth half a WAR in one day.  The Red Sox lead is now down to 1 game with 3 left.  Hopefully those idiots are really tired and beat up so they can get swept by the Orioles, because Tampa will need a bit of help from the Yankees to get to the playoffs.

Atlanta also Boston'ed it up by losing to Washington yesterday, crunching that Wild Card race in the NL to 1 game over STL.

All things considered, I have a headache.

Primer comin'.

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