Thursday, 8 September 2011

Jays win? More gifs!

First off, Brandon Morrow is broken.  Gregg Zaun figures it's probably arm fatigue-ish, and frankly I agree... because I don't really know any better.  It's fucking impossible to strike out as many people as he does and have numbers that bad.  Maybe let Mcgowan start in Morrow's place next time around?

Anyway, I think we could all tell, as soon as the top of the first was finished, just what we were going to end up with, especially with Wakefield on the mound for the Bostons.

Secondly, gif recap!

Morrow allows 3 runs in the first:

Secondly, Farrell leaves Morrow in for way too fucking long, which makes the Jays need to play ketchup against a superior team.  This isn't about any specific moment of the game, but when it's clear that Morrow isn't going to be on his game and you have fucking 90 people in the bullpen... well use your fucking head:

Arencibia taters to take a solo possession of the Jays record for homeruns by a catcher in a single season:

Bautista steals home:

Ellsbury homers, Morrow remains in the game:

Daniel Bard begins walking people at a feverish pace:

Edwin Encarnacion doubles, scoring three runs, giving the Jays a 3 run lead:

Adrian Gonzalez tees off on Frank Frank with a monstrous homerun, on a ball that was literally down the exact center of the plate:

But he saved the day, and the Jays can be no worse than 50% against the Red Sox for the series.

Other stuff:

Rajai Davis has either had a setback in his rehab, or the Jays just noticed that he's not very good at anything but running.  As such, he's been placed on the 60-day DL, which will allow the Jays to put someone else on the 40-man roster.  This, combined with PJ Walters' outrighting to AAA has freed up 2 spots on the 40-man, and has allowed the Jays to add both Adam Loewen and Chad Beck to the 40-man and MLB active rosters, along with the handful of other guys who were already on the 40-man that have been called up.

Both Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez will sit out against Ricky Romero today.  Hit and miss I guess... Gonzalez has 6 hr's in 8 games in Toronto, but Crawford has sucked this season, especially against elite lefty pitching like Ricky Romero.

Adam Lind is supposed to sit out the next couple of days (starting last night) with wrist soreness, according to @ShiDavidi.  I don't really care.  Let Loewen play.  Davidi also claims that Luis Perez, despite being terrible in his last two starts, will get another shot at starting when his next turn comes up, though there has been discussion of letting Mcgowan take that spot.  Remember when we were told that Brad Mills would get another start, and was then immediately sent back down?  Or when we were told that Travis Snider would remain with the MLB team for the rest of the year, only to be sent down like 3 weeks later?  Mcgowan gets the start next time Perez's spot comes around.

Gregg Zaun said the other night that JP Arencibia should be the AL Rookie of the Year, and then tried to defend that statement last night by saying that because JP's a catcher, we don't have to look at his .212 batting average, since he doesn't steal bases.  WHAT?!?!  What does one have to do with the other?

Don't get me wrong, I think JP deserves a lot of votes, but in no way is he the ROY.  I'd give it to Ackley, Hellickson, Trumbo, and maybe Jordan Walden before JPA, and would sprinkle in Jennings and Lawrie by the end of the season as well.  Jennings and Lawrie have been the two best rookies sorting by performance and abilities, but both are hampered in a (useless) debate over who the best rookie has been since Jennings was held down to avoid Super-2 status, and Lawrie was injured for 2 months.  I'm sure if both played full seasons that there would be little debate that they would be 1 and 1A in the ROY race.  Lawrie might still even win that thing.  But ultimately, who gives a shit?  It's a nonsense award, flogged by tightwad teams who delay service time of otherwise valuable assets and don't let the real rookie of the year shine through.

Some guy I talk poker with is writing for some sports blog in New York, and offers an interesting take on how to fix the monotony of meaningless September games and expand the playoffs by granting a spot to any team who wins 90 games.

MLBTR looks at the markets for Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols.  This assumes that Pujols doesn't resign with STL, which, in my mind, is ludicrous.
Blue Jays fans, prepare yourselves for a November MLBTR headline that reads something like this: ‘Blue Jays Interested In Fielder, Pujols.’ Toronto’s front office is tight-lipped about free agent moves, so many available players get linked to the Jays, even when the club’s interest is tepid. The Jays have money and would be a better team with an elite first baseman, so that headline may be worth clicking on.

Again, I don't see Pujols not signing in STL, and I don't really see Prince coming to Toronto because it's just not the way AA (appears to) do business with regards to spending.  First base is probably going to be an area of need if the Jays want to compete in the AL East, but there are other options beyond 300 lb guys on 8 year contracts.

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