Thursday, 22 September 2011

So long, dental plan.

The dental plan, in this case, is Brett Lawrie, who broke a finger yesterday during warmup, and is now finished for the season.  Lisa, in this case, is John Farrell, and the braces can be... Edwin playing third, I guess?  At least until Yunel Escobar comes back, if that even happens.  Jonathan Diaz is available, and is now probably even more likely to get a callup than he was before.  It was already rumored that he may be on the way up, and now with no infielders left, who knows what's going to happen?  There's only 7 games left, so it's not a huge issue, but Jose Bautista could potentially play third for a week and give Adam Loewen everyday action in right.  They could also just keep Adam Lind at first everyday and have Edwin play third hilariously.  It doesn't really matter though.

The real story here is the way the Rays and Red Sox can't win games anymore, letting the Angels right back in to this race.  2.5 games is a pretty big lead with just 6-7 games left, and the fact that the Sox play the Rays thrice this week is actually pretty bad news for LA.  I feel like both Tampa and LA need to win the rest of their games to get in, and neither has a particularly easy schedule finishing out (LA plays 1 more against the Jays, 3 against OAK and 3 against Tex, TB plays 3 against TOR and 3 against NYY).  TB's double-header loss yesterday was an absolute fucking disaster.

There's a little bit of the same nonsense coming from the other side of baseball too: Atlanta has been doing some serious dog-fucking the last week or so, and have completely squandered their giant lead in the wild card race, allowing St. Louis to catch up to the tune of a 1.5-game lead.  STL finishes their season about as easily as possible, with 1 more against the Mets this afternoon, then 3 against the Cubs and 3 against the Astros.  Atlanta is off today, then play 3 against WAS and 3 against PHI.  This should get interesting.

This basically means that I'll have to wait a couple days before finishing all the playoff primers, but should be able to get most of them done while the wild card races are finishing up.

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