Monday, 19 September 2011


I like it when that happens.  All it took was a month of suck and the Yankees entire bench to play.

And Adam Lind is good again... Well, probably not, but still.  Two taters is pretty good.

Uhh, it's Monday morning.  There's never anything to write about on Mondays.

MLBTR has a bit of Jays news.  The real meat of the post is a quote from AA saying that they wouldn't be doing much searching on the free agent market, as he prefers trade-rapes.  Within the comments, idiots shine. I'm kind of wondering how anybody can question the fact that this team is at least kind of close to getting good.  It's not like they wouldn't win or at least be in the race in the AL Central, AL West, NL Central or NL West, and are pretty much taking 2 of 3 from everyone despite this being the hard part of the schedule.  I mean, there are still a bunch of teams that are better from a true-talent perspective, but I don't really think that we can just look at the 77-75 record and say that they're anywhere near the 14th best (or whatever) team in baseball, considering the Corey Patterson/Jojo Reyes/Juan Rivera factor.  Just gotta spend $30MM on free agent closers in the offseason and we're all set!

Of course, we already knew that AA wasn't going after Fielder or Pujols, since there are no 6 or 7-year deals coming this offseason for Toronto.  Of course, there's nothing written about 8-year deals for Brett Lawrie.

Anyhoo, the Vernons are coming to town now for a 4-gamer, so uhh... yeah... whoopty fuck.

I think the best storyline going on in baseball right now is how terrible the Red Sox have been these last couple weeks.  They're 4-13 in September, which has seen them turn a multiple game lead in the division to fighting just to hold on to their wild card spot against the Rays.  They lost 3 of 4 this weekend against TB after getting swept last week.  Schedules favor the Sox, since they play 7 of their last 10 games against Baltimore and 3 against the Yankees, while Tampa has 7 against the Yankees and 3 against the Jays.

That Red Sox rotation is some kind of combination of terrible and depleted, with Tim Wakefield, Andrew Miller, Kyle Weiland and Jon Lackey starting a bunch of games lately.  Erik Bedard isn't a huge upgrade, but he is scheduled to be put in to the rotation this week, and Josh Beckett is set to return as well, but Boston is playing some really bad baseball, and Tampa is playing pretty damn good.  At least this is entertaining.

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