Sunday, 11 September 2011

Walkoff flocka flames

I don't even like rap.  But I do like Walkoff wins.  I also like it when Kevin Gregg comes in to the game against the Jays, because that guy is fucking terrible.

Thanks also go out to Craig "Don't call me Drederick" Tatum, whose passed ball allowed the tying run to score, though JP Arencibia did get a hit which probably would have scored 2, but who cares.

Brett Lawrie hit another blast, as did Jose Bautista for #42, and is the recipient of another Zaunhead.  Henderson Alvarez was knocked around for about a thousand singles, which kind of defies all logic considering he was up against the Baltimore Orioles, though I suppose that kind of thing will happen on occasion when you don't miss a ton of bats and just get grounders all over the place.  I guess Voros was on to something.

Dustin Mcgowan will make his first start in over 3 years this afternoon, replacing Luis Perez in the rotation.  Good luck kid.


Yunel Escobar was pulled from yesterday's game after getting beaned in the elbow.  That's like the fifth time that's happened this year, so... I dunno, fuck off?  He'll be out for a couple days.

Edwin Encarnacion isn't scheduled to play today due to a pain in his shoulder that he suffered from throwing his bat making a weird swing the other day.

Brett Cecil may be shut down soon, and might return next year in a bullpen role, according to James Hall of  Cecil is pretty tough on lefties (.667 career OPS against, .529 this season, as opposed to low .800's both this season and career).  This is pretty much the same fate Jesse Litsch has suffered, and is actually a pretty good way to build a bullpen.  You may remember gentlemen like Jason Frasor and Scott Downs, both of whom are converted starters and have been pretty excellent relievers over the last couple seasons.  With all the depth in the minor leagues at starting pitcher, there needs to be some moves somewhere.  This could also open up a spot for a certain free agent from Japan...

Colby Rasmus played DH for New Hampshire in a rehab assignment last night.  That was a playoff game by the way, which New Hampshire won.  Rasmus went 0-2.  He's expected to be activated at some point early next week for the Boston series.

Speaking of Boston, they lost to the Rays last night in a walkoff flocka flame, and are now just 4.5 games ahead of the Rays.  This race isn't quite over, and it would make my day to see Tampa get the Wild Card instead of Boston.  Texas lost last night, and are now just 1.5 games ahead of the Angels.  Imagine Vernon Wells getting in to the playoffs in his first year in Anaheim.  That Tony Reagins is going to look like a genius.

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