Friday, 9 September 2011

Red Sux confirmed furious.

Why u mad bro sox?

Ok, so that series went about as well as any series with a 14-0 loss could have gone, save for the Frank Francisco meaningless homerun tally rising out of control.  The Yankees lost to fucking Baltimore last night and squandered their chances at a 3.5 game lead in the AL East.  Tampa Bay is now 6.5 back of the wild card, and dare I say, not quite out of it yet.  I don't care to look up their schedule, but they're definitely going to need some help from teams like Toronto if they want to catch up while playing .500 ball these last two weeks.

And of course, I'd like nothing more than to see Tampa catch up, because fuck the Red Sox.

Some quality performances last night from the Jays included taters by JP Arencibia, his 22nd of the season, Eric Thames, and Edwin Encanacion, with an insurance dinger in the 5th or 6th or something.  Brett Lawrie had 2 hits, and David Cooper had his first career 3-hit game.  Yunel Escobar got on base 3 times, and Ricky Romero went 6.2 innings allowing 5 hits, striking out 7.  My friend Mike was there and said JP's homer went really far, so I'm gonna go ahead and give him the Zaunhead (JP, not Mike), but I dunno... it's not like they really matter at this point in the year.

I heard that Colby Rasmus took BP yesterday and felt no pain.  I thought he was eligible to come off the DL yesterday, but I dunno what the deal is there.  It will probably be a couple days before he gets back in the starting lineup, but I'm sure he's available to run or something if needed.

Remember yesterday when I said that the Jays have said that Luis Perez will still start on Sunday, which basically meant that they were lying?  Yeah.  They were lying.  Dustin Mcgowan has been confirmed as the Jays 5th starter for the rest of the season.  They plan on letting him throw 80-85 a couple times and then extending him further afterwards.  I'm pretty sure that spot in the rotation will have 4 more starts (20 games left/5 starters= 4!), but there's always a chance that they throw a 6th starter in to the fire at least once down the stretch.

According to Gregor, Adam Lind, who was held out of the lineup for 2 straight days with wrist pain, will be back in the lineup Friday against Baltimore.

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