Friday, 2 September 2011

Jays take two of three from O's, time for the Doodle Dandies

Yeah, big whoop.  Who doesn't win two of three against Baltimore?  Brett Lawrie is still good at baseball.  He gets a(nother) Zaunhead for that 8th inning bomb.

And now it's time for the Yankees.  This is crunch time for the Jays if they're really serious about this whole "winning the world series" thing, considering the schedule that they have upcoming.  In theory, if the Jays win all of their remaining games... ah fuck it, let's be serious.  At this point in the season, it's really just the formality  of finishing up the schedule and half-assing the rest of the way in.  I mean, yeah, we've still got the 5'10'', 290lb pitcher practically begging me to photoshop his face on to anything my imagination will allow me to, and they still get to play the games, which, in turn, forces me to write stuff on the internet, but we're really just doing all this for show.

The Jays apparently get Ivan Nova tonight, though I thought it was going to be Fartolo Colon, explaining the photoshop.  I don't really care either way.

The newest Elias Rankings are in, and Edwin Encarnacion somehow slipped like 5 places in the 2B/3B/SS category.  I suppose that could be because he's not playing 3B anymore, and is getting more in time in the 1B/DH/OF category.    I really don't think it matters though, as Edwin's production over the last 2 months has been plenty to ensure that his option gets exercised next year.  Kelly Johnson is still comfortably in Type-A territory, and I'm fairly sure that the Jays will offer him arbitration, so he's either back next year, or the Jays get themselves a draft pick.  Jose Molina didn't really have a ton of risk of losing his type-B spot, but he's more comfortably within that slot now than he was last update.

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