Thursday, 3 May 2012

Catching Up

I tried pretty hard yesterday to get something up before yesterday's game, but I was at work and there happens to be a profanity filter on all of the computers and it would appear that the frontpage has just enough swears on it to prohibit me from fucking writing anything on it.  I only got home in time to see the Jays take an 8-1 lead, so uh, yeah.  2 out of 3.  Now who's upset about getting swept by the Orioles?

Obviously you can't just take it out, because it happened, but Ricky Romero was pretty good in 7 innings, and not so much in 1.  I figured they were just going to take him out after that inning, but he recovered and went 8, which is always good for the bullpen.

Zaunhead to Brett Lawrie for Tuesday's game.  Lawrie obviously hit the walkoff tater to win in the bottom of the 9th.  That top of the 9th was pretty absurd, and the game should have been over on a botched 3rd strike call, but whatever, I won't complain now.  A zaunhead also goes to Yunel Escobar's game yesterday.  He was moved to the 2-hole and answered with a 3-hit game, so obviously he's fixed now, right? Just move Bautista somewhere and he'll return to form, just that easy.  Or better yet, move Lind to the bench and "fix" him.  And by fix, I mean "if he doesn't play, he can't suck that much."

The Jays now head to Anaheim, where Jered Weaver just no-hit the Twins. Naturally, the Jays will avoid Weaver, since he did the no-hitter last night. It will be 4 games in LA for the Jays, then 2 more in Oakland, then 4 straight in Minnesota before coming home, coming home, tell the world I'm coming home.  Brandon Morrow vs. Dan Haren tonight should make for a pretty damn good pitching matchup.

In case you missed it, Roy Halladay was human last night, AJ Burnett was AJ Burnett last night, and Weaver threw a no-hitter (against the Twins).

More later.

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