Saturday 26 May 2012

Roster Foundation, Part 2

If you haven't read part one yet, go do so now, or at least get a quick look at the explanation of what's going on.  Or skip it, I don't give a fuck.  We've looked at the position players already, so now let's get a glimpse at the pitchers.

  • Ricky Romero: Romero was drafted 6th overall by the Jays in the 2005 draft, and has been worth 11.6 WAR (the fangraphs version of this is very different, if memory serves me correctly, due to Romero's outshining of his fip and xfip last year-- the difference is something like 6.2 WAR to 2.8).
  • Brandon Morrow: Acquired from Seatlle for Brandon League and Johermyn Chavez before the 2010 season.  He's been worth 3 WAR over 2+ seasons (again, fWAR and rWAR are very different, and Morrow's fip gives him like 4fWAR for 2011, whereas he was a 1.2 rWAR player.)
    • League was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2001 draft, giving the Jays 1.2WAR over 200-ish innings in parts of 6 seasons.
    • Chavez was signed as an international free agent, and has reached AA as a 23 year old.  He's repeated every level so far, and doesn't appear to be overly impressive to the point of warranting a shot at the bigs, unless there's something that I'm missing.
  • Henderson Alvarez: Signed by the Jays as an international free agent.
  • Kyle Drabek: Acquired in the Roy Halladay deal, along with Michael Taylor and Travis d'Arnaud.  Drabek has been worth 0.3WAR over various cups of coffee with the Jays, and was the centerpiece (at the time) of the deal.  Taylor was immediately flipped for Brett Wallace, who was eventually flipped for Anthony Gose.  Wallace and Taylor are both toiling around in the minors at the moment, while Gose is the Jays 2nd (or third, or fouth, depending on who you ask) best prospect.  d'Arnaud has been recently ranked as the 4th best prospect in all of baseball, and has the upside of an all-star catcher.
    • Halladay is a sure-fire hall-of-famer.  In parts of 12 seasons, Halladay was worth 45.6 WAR, earned a Cy Young, was a 7-time allstar, and is probably the greatest Blue Jay player of all-time (at least in my eyes).  This was done in a pretty under-the-radar fashion, thanks to Canada being Canada, and baseball being America's Pastime.  He went 17th overall in 1997.
  • Drew Hutchison: taken in the 15th round of the 2009 draft.
  • Brett Cecil: Drafted in the 1st sandwich round, 38th overall in 2007.  Cecil's draft slot was given to the Jays as compensation for the loss of Justin Speier.
    • Speier was acquired in 2003 as part of a 3-way deal.  Speier was sent to Toronto, Mark Hendrickson was sent from Toronto to Tampa Bay, and Joe Kennedy went to the Rockies from Tampa.
      • Hendrickson was drafted 6 times (!!!), and finally signed with the Jays in 1998.  He's really, really tall, and was a basketball guy, which explains the multiple drafts.  He finally signed after the Jays took him in the 20th round, and gave the Jays 1.1 WAR over 195 innings.  Hendrickson was still in the league as of last year, though he was released by the O's after last season, and is still just kind of there.
  • Carlos Villanueva: Acquired from Milwaukee for a PTBNL (presumably a PTBNL or cash, because I've never seen anything that suggests that anybody was sent to Milwaukee).
  • Dustin McGowan: 1st sandwich round, 33rd overall in 2000.  That pick was given to the Jays for the loss of Graeme Lloyd.  McGowan has been worth 0.9WAR over parts of 5 seasons and infinite injuries.  
    • Lloyd was worth 0.9 WAR in his only season with the Jays.  He came over from the Yankees with Homer Bush and David Wells, in exchange for Roger Clemens, and pitched just one year.  Bush was worth 2.2 WAR with the Jays over parts of four seasons, before being released.  Wells was worth 7.3 WAR over two seasons in his second stint with the Jays, before being traded to the White Sox in "Shouldergate" for Mike Sirotka.
      • Clemens was inked as a free agent, signing a 4 year, $40MM deal, and gave us 19.4 WAR over two seasons.  His 1997 season was his best, WAR-wise, as a professional, with 11.6.  He won the "triple crown" in both seasons.
  • Casey Jannsen: Drafted by the Jays in the 4th round in 2004.  He's been worth 3.9 WAR in parts of 6 seasons as a starter, reliever, and now, closer.
  • Luis Perez: Signed as an international free agent in 2003.  He's been worth 0.3 WAR over 88 innings.
  • Joel Carreno: Signed as an international free agent in 2004.
  • Evan Crawford: Drafted in the 8th round in 2008.
  • Francisco Cordero: Signed as a free agent.
  • Darren Oliver: Signed as a free agent.
  • Ryota Igarashi: Acquired from Pittsburgh for cash.
  • Jesse Litsch: Drafted in the 24th round in 2004.

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