Tuesday 22 May 2012

drabek steals one

I would quite like my computer back. No point writing if i'm just posting from my ps3.

Drabek went and put up another quality start to silence the haters, which is totally a real thing that actually happened, so we can ignore the 6 walks and 52/48 strike/ball ratio.

Zaunhead to Yunel.

Carlos Pena is hitting  leadoff for tampon bay tonight. I see that i just wrote tampon bay and not tampa, but it's actually got a nice ring to it.

New groundrules please. ''At the umpires' discretion'' is an amendment I would suggest.

Edwin will DHtonight due to a back issue (but I can't link to Barry Davis from aPS3 because there is apparently no keyboard command).  Hutch and Matt Moore, lineups yourselves.

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