Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What the Hech?

 Mike Cormack of Sportsnet is giving us some treats today.  The following is three of his tweets all smushed together:
Farrell says he wanted to give Johnson two days off to rest hammy. Should be fine for Friday.Something very weird is up with Hechavarria. Still can't get US citizenship sorted out allowing him to travel to Canada.Farrell could not elaborate on Hech's status, seemed as confused as us. Hinted he may have been called up had it been sorted out.
So yeah, I think we can safely say that this is about Kelly Johnson's hamstring and Yunel's groin issue.  More when it becomes available, I guess.  Johnson is out of the lineup tonight, which, combined with the offday tomorrow, gives him back-to-back days off as a rest.

Update:  John Lott of the National Post tells us that Hech is cleared to enter Canada, and has been since before the end of spring training, at least.  The obvious caveat is that they want him to keep getting AB`s, so maybe if either Johnson or Escobar needed to be DL'ed for any stretch of time, this might be a bit of a different story.

Jonah Keri's power rankings for Grantland are up.  Among other things, he notes that Henderson Alvarez has the worst k/9ip in all of baseball for qualified pitchers.  Yeesh.

There were rumblings of the Jays skipping some starts at some point in the rotation, with the upcoming days off, but apparently not anymore.
I think this means Drabek is going to pitch against Boston. Crikey.

Jon Morosi of writes about Alex Anthopoulos, and the likelihood of moves this summer.

Roy Halladay is going to seek a second opinion, but he's probably going to be out for 6-8 weeks with a lat issue.  Apparently this won't affect the Phillies' desire to extend Cole Hamels,  Sorry, Jays fans, but that trade isn't happening.  Extension talks between Zack Greinke and the Brewers appears to be non-existent though!

Morrow is looking to get back on track tonight.  Regression on a stick (a.k.a. Jason Hammel) goes for the Orioles.  Nick Markakis will miss tonight's game with a hand issue.  X-Rays were negative, but meh.

Escobar SS
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Lawrie 3B
Cooper DH
Arencibia C
Vizquel 2B
Davis LF

Morrow P

Chavez LF
Hardy SS
Davis DH
Jones CF
Weiters C
Reynolds 1B
Betemit 3B
Flaherty RF
Andino 2B

Hammel P

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