Tuesday 8 May 2012

I Just Saw The Avengers

You should go see the Avengers.  It was good, and really quite funny.

Speaking of Avenging things, the Jays have lost two straight games, and Ricky Romero is going to go remedy that situation.  Brandon McCarthy was supposed to start for the A's tonight, but he's suffering from some kind of shoulder soreness, and probably won't pitch again until sometime next week.  Instead, we'll get to see Jarrod Parker, and tomorrow we'll get Tyson Ross, who is a good pick-up in MLB '11 The Show, though I can't comment on the '12 version since I've never gone out and traded for him since I play mostly in Road to the Show mode.

Speaking of which, in my current RTTS as a pitcher, I got drafted by the Jays (go figure, right?) and we're right around the all-star break, where virtual-Alex Anthopoulos has gone crazy trading relievers for useful pieces.  Most realistic video game in the world.

I've got AA on Brady and Lang this morning, where he talks about Edwin and Adam Lind.  At least AA realizes that Lind has sucked for the last little while, and, assuming Farrell can be convinced, I'm taking this as a sort of "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel" kind of thing.  Obviously, Lind is still batting 4th tonight.

I've also got Dirk Hayhurst on Sportsnet radio this morning, telling a couple got stories about beaning guys.  Dirk is pretty consistently awesome, and this is no exception.

Kevin Goldstein of baseball prospectus tells us that Brett Cecil will start tomorrow night in AA.  He was on the DL with a groin issue.

In news that actually isn't news, the Arizona Diamondbacks are said to be coveting JP Arencibia and/or Travis d'Arnaud as a backup plan for this coming offseason when they (in all likelihood) don't re-sign Miguel Montero, according to Ken Rosenthal.  Naturally, the Jays aren't going to move d'Arnaud since he's the catcher of the future, and they're not going to move JPA because he's the catcher of the present.  JP would probably fetch a decent haul is a power-hitting, 26 year old catcher with 4+ years of team control left, but that's not going to happen yet, and might not happen at all.

Umm, remember when Kelly Johnson came out of the game in like the 7th or 8th inning in Saturday's game? Apparently he was sore due to cramping and dehydration, so they just kind of took him out as a precaution. Nothing to worry about there, I suppose.

Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Edwin DH
Thames LF
Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF

Romero P

Weeks 2B
Pennington SS
Reddick RF
Gomes DH
Inge 3B
Smith CF*
Suzuki C
Barton 1B
Taylor LF

Parker P

*Cespedes is a late scratch with a sore wrist.

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