Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Jose Molina Strikes Again!

[Note: Jose Molina had nothing to do with this, maybe except for the fact that he may have been in the vicinity at the time of the incident in question]

So yeah.  If you somehow missed it, Lawrie took a 3-1 fastball (#5) outside and began walking to 1st, only for umpire Bill Miller to call a late strike.  Lawrie reacted the way most people would at a questionable and late call, and slowly walked back to the box.  Lawrie then took a high change-up (#6) for ball 5 strike 2 strike 3 and ended up losing his shit at Miller for spite-ringing him up.

That Jose Molina sure can frame a pitch in the 9th inning!  And really, that's probably all we'd hear if Lawrie didn't go all Jon Rauch.

Anyway, this would have just pretty well blown over had the helmet not hit Bill Miller, but uhhh.... not so much.  It didn't look to me as if he was intentionally throwing the helmet at him, because why the fuck would you bounce it instead of just straight up biffing it at your target, but whatever.  There are a few angles of the incident out there and, to me, he was just throwing it to the ground without really giving a shit of where it was headed afterwards.

Buster Olney of ESPN (retardedly, imo) uses the Delmon Young incident of 2006, where Young struck out in a similar fashion to Lawrie, and then threw his bat at the umpire from the on-deck circle area.  These are two entirely different situations, based on the intent, but Olney thinks that Lawrie will probably get 8-10 games (Young got 50).

Umpires get evaluated all the time by the MLB for the purpose of having their best umpires calling the playoffs, and I'd be surprised if this piece of shit even gets considered.  At least he got what he deserved.  That beer cost like $14, and they stop serving in the 7th inning, so getting hit with that beer is like the perfect storm of shit.  Too bad it missed his face. (Zaunhead to that fan, by the way).  Oh yeah, but don't throw shit on the field.

Edwin gets a Zaunhead too for his homerun off Price.

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